Friday, May 17, 2013

Round 2, Game 2

How's that song go? Second verse, same as the first! (love that song despite it being much older than me!)

Point being, tonight's game against the Senators would preferably be a repeat performance of game one on Tuesday night.

Despite the nice win in the opening game of the series, things were far from perfect. Too many times did the Pens have to go on the penalty kill. I will say though, they played more like my team should be playing. Definitely a lot better than they did thru the whole Islanders series.

It seems the plan is going to be riding Vok0un until he makes a major screw up and loses. I'm fine with that.

The other day, Ron Cook wrote an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that Marc Andre Fleury was essential for a cup win. Seriously? If we went with that theory we'd be golfing with Ovi right now rather than continuing our cup run.

As flawed as Cook's logic is, MAF will at some point make a return to the net. The question being just when will that be?  For me, I'm all for Vokoun to keep playing in goal as long as he wins. He's been reliable and steady.  Shame on the fans who are screaming for Fleury to play, giving little regard to the playoff leading stats Vokoun has posted.

Want a winner? have to go with a winner, and that's what Vokoun has been doing. Ride the wave my friends, ride the wave... hopefully right into the next round.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

what's happening here?

Well geez... yes, I'm kinda sorta back, albeit a little late in the game (quite literally, huh?)

Due to life and more specifically two very busy dogs, a job, and a gym schedule, it's left me little time left to blog, but I'd really like to change that. Again, I realize it's a little late, but HEY! I'll use the excuse I was in a lockout as well! :P

Anyhow, to say that I've been totally disgusted with the way the Penguins have been handling this series with the Isles is a complete and utter understatement. There is no way this team should have lost the two games they have in this series, and the fact that they won game 3 was a complete miracle on its own.

For a team that oozes talent from every pore, the complete lack of competent play just baffles the mind. Oddly the players picked up at the trade deadline have done more for the team than the regular guys. Brendan Morrow has proved a valuable asset to an already talented roster, not to mention the much hyped acquisition of Jarome Iginla.  I'll admit I didn't think there was a place for Iginla on this team, or Brandon Sutter for that matter, but I've been happily been proved wrong.

So what's really missing here in this whole number one seeded teams dynamic?

The goaltending has been, for the lack of a better word, horrendous. Marc Andre Fleury on his best day is a tremendous goalie, and can be a total rock star. However, when he's off, he's just way off. As I commented on NHL's Home Ice's, War Room program this morning, MAF is a head case. I think he has confidence issues. Just like so many pitchers in MLB, the mind set of a goalie must be something more fragile than grandma's antique china.

I have long defended MAF, he's got talent, we've seen it, and he's proven he has it. But for how much longer can we allow this guy let goals past that kids in the QMJHL could save? I'm pretty tolerant and optimistic when it comes to watching my team, but last night I almost didn't make it thru the whole game. The goal MAF let past at the end of the second period was bad enough, but the last one shortly before the end of the game took the cake, and was the last straw for me. Yeah, we would have lost the game anyway, but it's just like he gave up and thought, "oh well"... and made a half hearted attempt at trying to save it.

It's not to say this is all on Fleury. Between Malkin and his blind passing and penalty taking (one within the first few minutes of the game?? really?) he's been nearly a no show thru the four games despite scoring last night.  Sid we can give a pass to, but par for the course with him, despite playing with the face shield, he still performs better than some completely healthy guys. The defense almost seems to deflate around Fleury when he is not playing well, rather than doing the exact opposite.

Where is the D??? Need I put their picture on a milk carton?

As Stan Savran said today... "Where's the leadership, the pride on this team? You would have thought they had an abundance of both. A failed chance to shut up those Islander fans. There are plenty of guys in that lineup that need to be scratched, but you can only scratch so many. But it IS time for Plan V---Vokoun. But remember, goalie is not the only problem!"

Which just since I started writing this, the Penguins and Dan Bylsma have announced that Vokoun will indeed get the nod for tomorrow nights game. Good deal, and good plan.

Last nights loss was embarrassing and humiliating and we're in trouble if we don't change a few things.

All that said, it's time to do what needs done and win this thing. This team IS better than they have been playing thru this whole series, and it's time to show it!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

PENS top TB 6-3. GOALS: J.NEAL(23,24) R.PARK(3) E.MALKIN(20,21,22). STARS: 3)V.LECAVALIER 2)NEAL 1)MALKIN. Wear the C on Twitter:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PENS top Chicago 3-2. GOALS: C.KUNITZ(12) J.NEAL(19) T.KENNEDY(4). FLEURY: 36 saves. STARS: 3)V.STALBERG 2)M.FLEURY 1)E.MALKIN. Next game FRI @WPG.

Saturday, December 17, 2011