Monday, September 24, 2007

Humbling preseason

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A look at an artists rendition of Ralph Wilson Stadium, set up for the January 1, 2008 Winter Classic between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres.

Well, it's eleven days and counting until the Pens season opener against the Carolina Hurricanes, and my oh my, I sure as heck hope the preseason is not a view of things to come. I do tell myself this 'is' preseason play, and this is where they are supposed to get all the kinks out and see what needs improving.

It sucks this year that FSN Pittsburgh is not covering any of these games before the regular season starts. That leaves us Pens devotees to search for alternatives. So here I was online searching and listening to 2 Canadian announcers do play by play for the first two preseason games against Montreal.. BOTH in Montreal, and why that was I've NO clue.. both enlightening, in different respects.

Despite losing in game one, Laraque laid one of the Habs out. Hahaha... game one and you have to tell your buddy's you got owned. I think this is the type of play fans were looking to come from George last season, and were disappointed it never happened. Here's to hoping he steps up to the line this year. All that said, the loss was tough to swallow, but satisfying in the respect that it doesn't count. :P

Game 2 was a tad bit better. Newcomer Peter Sykora got a goal, but later then was hit in the face by none other than fellow teammate Brooks Orpik. Ugh... flashbacks of John LeClair ran thru this Pens fans brain. Alas, at least Sykor will only miss a few preseason games, unlike last year Malkin missing several weeks. The team sluggish at points during the game, but were at least able to pull out a win in the end 5-2.

The next two games, back to back ones against the Detroit 'Dead' Wings, tested my patience, but more so in trying to find a way to access a way to listen/see them. Holy cow, in the day of all things high tech, why was there NO radio, internet, tv coverage of the game on Friday night, and it was in Detroit.. self proclaimed hockey town!? News flash to the motor city.. you guys suck, and lost your standing a great place for hockey. Oh.. and yeah, sorry to break it to you, but obviously the struggling Tigers beat you out for radio/tv time, on all networks. Even the Lions who weren't playing that night got better coverage. Chris Chelios, scored a goal in OT to win it for the Wings... musta ditched his walker before coming out on the ice. Mr Personality --- please don't shake my hand, I'm emotional...

Saturday nights game felt like it was going to be a replay of Fridays, struggling with the newly developed PensTV. Thankfully they eventually got the problems with that ironed out, but not before I'd missed half the game. Sadly, I didn't miss much. They seemed sluggish, and sorta got a second wind towards the end of the third period, and had it sucked away quickly, losing 5-2. Blah, western league teams blow... 'cept San Jose :P

Now I lay in wait until Thursday and my trip to the 'Burgh to catch a Pens practice. I'm really jacked up about this as I've never been to one, and with all the season tickets and a majority of the remaining seats eaten up for the WHOLE GD SEASON.. this may be my only chance to see my team!!! *insert loud sobbing noises here* Since I'll be saving mucho dollars not getting a room at the Marriott, and igloo seats, I may invest in Center Ice this year just to watch some other games thru the season.

Stay tuned for the next installment on how practice goes!!!

Peace be with you all... new jerseys, old jerseys, the Flyers suck!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Training camp opens!

You know it's a good sign when the NHL's teams open their training camps! Guess that means the season isn't too far off!

So, what the heck is up with Scott Niedermayer? In what other job could you get away with this crap? If I were his boss... I'd tell him to make up his freakin' mind! His statement:

"I wish I had a decision right now," Niedermayer said Thursday.

What a bunch of...*cough*... Duck feathers.

And in, 'OMG, I thought he had fallen off the side of the earth' news... The Carolina Hurricanes named former Pittsburgh Penguin goalie Tom Barrasso as their director of goaltender development. Hmm... interesting. Alright, he was the Pens netminder during the Stanley Cup years, and I know I'm in the minority.. maybe.. but I never liked the dork.

Let me add, the knowledge of Eric LIndros retiring... makes me VERY happy! I was at the game versus the Pens when Darius Kasperitis knocked him flat on his brains (ok, his butt) and that for sure ranks up there with one of my own personal favorite hockey experiences!

I've got my Penguins training camp schdule in front of me... and the desire to go there to see practice in person is a strong pull. I may have to make a road trip the end of the month to do just that. Sadly, it'll be a solo trip, but come on, it's one of the few things I've not done when it comes to hockey. The added plus is that it's the middle of the week, so most of the squealing girls and other groupie types will be at school/work, thus making the crowd all the much smaller, yay!

And, lastly for today... something cool... check out the new arena cam :)

Peace be with you all... and never forget... the Flyers still, and always suck.. no matter what former Sabres player they have :P

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A new space, and new jerseys!

Ahhh... new beginnings are always fun, aren't they? Well, ok, maybe not 'always', but in this case, the answer is definitely, Yes!

I've tried the blogging at MSN and it has driven me crazy with all it's changes, that I'm about ready to chuck it. Besides, for the most part that blog was my own personal space for whining and venting my personal issues, lol. This however, will be devoted entirely to hockey! :) More specificly, but not limited to, my Pittsburgh Penguins.

In the past I've been accused of being a bit of a puck bunny, but once someone gets to know me, they realize I do have extensive hockey knowledge. :) So, I do apologize up front if I may mention from time to time how yummy a certain hockey player may be, just give me a break, alright? I'm female, and I do appreciate the male of the species, and I promise not to give you men flack for drooling over the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders... agreed? :)

I've been doing the fantasy hockey thing now for about 6 years, and gearing up for this years go round. Maybe even trying my hand at two different leagues.

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Now! onto some official hockey business....
The Pens unveiled their new jerseys last night at the Galleria. Of course I yet again curse the fact that I live 2+ hours away from Pittsburgh now, as I'd love to have been there, but I was glad to see they had a great turn out for it. Hey! We love our team!!

Here are a few pictures, courtsey of

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I guess I'm a little torn. For one thing I'm glad they lost those seagull looking penguins on the shoulders, I never did care for those logos, and was estatic when they went back to the skating penguin :) Of course the jersey style is more lean looking and a tighter fit, just hope the players like them as well. From what I read, they were more concerned with the changing of the socks!

Soooo... that's all for today, hope my first posting will be the first of many... stay tuned..

Peace be with you all... and.... screw the Flyers :P