Friday, November 16, 2007

one foot on the bottom step.. GOING UP!

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And just what could the caption for this picture possibly be? Maybe Sidney saying: "Holy hockey sticks Batman! Someone else finally scored other than me!"

Hockey night in Pittsburgh was finally worthy of getting up the next morning without feeling despair, and having a certain amount of optimisim for the next game. We knew the Islanders were not going to be lightweights, but then again they aren't that much better than we are.

The pregame ceremony of inducting Paul Coffeey into the Pens hall of fame was a bit on the cheesey side. Not that he had any control over that, but Steigy is as bad an MC as he is broadcaster. :P My question is... why wasn't Mario doing this, instead they show shots of him sitting with Ben Rothinsburger (I know that is spelled so wrong!) up in the owners box. Anyhow, Coffeey deserved this accolade and seemed genuinely appreciative of the praise he received. Oh... and the guy looked to be in -amazing- shape..

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So big surprise # 2 of the game was Big George Laraque (BGL) scoring. Sid did this truly -sick- move, spining and out manuevering an Islander player to feed BGL the puck and he slapped it right in the net! Seeing him then body slam the glass was just classic! lol

It was great then to win the game 3-2, with goals by Gonchar (which that goal itself was pretty damn wicked too!), Sykora, and BGL, the fans of Pittsburgh went home happy little hockey fans. It was indeed... a great day for hockey...

Next stop is the other bastards from New York.. the Rangers.. on Saturday, at home. The Jagr haters will be out in full force. Funny enough, FSN is showing a program about Jagr's years in Pittsburgh prior to the game. Yours truly still is a Jagr fan, you have to respect the talent the guy has, despite the fact he is a major boob. I understand why the people of the 'Burgh hate him, after the horrid things double J said about wanting out, and life in Pittsburgh 'slowly killing him', and 'wanting to be where there were beaches and girls'. All that aside, he's still ranks up there with some of the greats of the game, and did help us alot when he was there, that is... when he wasn't nursing his groin. :P I will say I was stunned to learn here in the last few months that when he was playing for the Caps he had a severe gambling problem... but hey, at least he didn't pull a Pete Rose and bet on hockey.

DiPietro... keep that good eye on Sid... LOL :P

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All that said... Let's Go Pens!!!

Peace be with you all.... Flyers suck...

Gawd this photo -rocks- It's from this past January.. but it's why MAF's the real deal

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello, from the basement

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Poor Sid... must be depressing being one of two people on your hockey team that can score a goal. Suffice to say, him and Malkin, and even on the rare occassion Sykora are the only ones finding the net. Then of course there are all the nay sayers, ready to flush the Pens down the toilet for not living up to everyones predictions.

I say to the lot of you ... go get bent!!!

Sure, being hailed as winning the Atlantic, and Eastern conference by several hockey publications is a heavy burdon, and granted, one even went so far as to say Pittsburgh would take the cup, but all us dedicated fans say predictions be damned, we just want to win. However tough it may be to sit back and watch this bit of self destruction so early in the season, the true black and [vegas]gold fans will still be here long after the proverbial fat lady sings.

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So those 2 losses to Philthadelphia were tough to swallow, and even gave me heartburn. Not to mention losing to them at home. I will say I was even a bit nervous taking them on given their stints of goonery so early in the season, almost reminiscent of the Broad Street bullies of the past. We have everything to lose if they decide to lay out Sid, Geno, or several other players. Thankfully despite losing, no one got hurt in either game, but losing said games hurt bad enough as it was.

And darn.. what is it with the officiating of late? I hated to think it was just me, or shall I say, my team.. but I've caught a couple games in the last 2 weeks with some down right missed calls. My thinking on this is if I'm catching it at home on tv, how are they missing those there?

As a side note... what the heck is with the too many men on the ice calls? Granted, these are legitimate calls, don't misunderstand, I mean.. come on.. it's easy to see there are more guys on the ice than is allowed. But, I'll say it again... this has to be one of the dumbest penalties for your team to take.

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In a bit of good news, and let's face it, being in last place there is no where else to go but up, but the Pens have recalled Letang from WBS for tonights game. How this kid did not make the final cut for the lineup is beyond me, but hey... that's why Ray Shero is GM and I'm not :P Big question is now, who do you sit out so Letang plays? Whitney, Gonchar, and Orpik.. definitely not. Scuderi... maybe.

Who to sit though... Recchi.. please? Colby Armstrong has been a healthy scratch for entirely too long! Laraque's playing isn't earthshaking (not that it was expected to be) and frankly Malkin sticking up for Crosby in a recent game shows even his "enforcer" status is in question. But Colby should be playing!! He can score the odd goals (more than the Rechhin' ball is delivering!) and adds much more to this franchise, and is great on the PK.

Tonight though.. it's the Islanders. This game is important. Before the game, the Penguins are inducting Paul Coffey into the Pittsburgh Penguins hall of fame. Good deal. Ol' #77 deserves it.

Question at hand... who'll be in the net? All the doom and gloomers are ready for Fleury's hide, and several 'Burgh sports writers have been down right cruel. I agree, at his 3rd season in the NHL he should be more mentally tough than what I think he is, but I'm not ready to give up on MAF. And as great as Sabu is performing he still lacks the experience of more game play despite not being a rookie, and he made some goofs the other night that MAF definitely would not have.

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If you travel the greater Pittsburgh area.. if you see Jordon Stall.. can you tell him the season has started? At -8 he's killing my one fantasy team :P An article at even contemplates sending him back to juniors. C'mon Gronk... we know you have it in ya!

So... to end this all, I am optimistic, I know my team will pull out of this funk, and bring us out of the basement. We're not cellar dwellars! :) Rock on Pens...

Peace be with you all... not to fear, Flyers suck

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