Saturday, April 12, 2008

You just gotta love it...


And if you don't love it, chances are your not a Pens fan! And as such, most likely not looking at this... not that many do >_<

As for someone in the Senators orginization posting pictures outside the Pens locker room as a form of psychological warfare just may back fire on them. If someone did that to me... It'd just piss me off to win all the more.

One thing is for certain, you have to love the passion in these playoff games, and you can't for one second give up. Things change in a heart beat. Ask Boston, ask the Devils... heck as the Sharks. Just when you think you're up, you could be down.

It's not a given we'll sweep this series. Do we want to? Of course. Can we? You bet your wazoo. But statistics in my book don't mean diddley. When it gets down to it, it's if you have that W or L beside your teams name that means most.

Jason Spezza might not be playing tonight... and has Dany Heatley even shown up in this series yet?

No matter. It's fun to watch Bryan Murray fume on the bench. What a wanker.

Tonight in Ottawa is going to be intense, just as it always seems these Canadian crowds can be. Makes me wanna win more... and just shove their face in it.


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Bro Brian said...

They can't help it - they're Canadian.

Get cup crazy, get your beard on, and prepare to broom out those stinking, franco-phonic, bacon-loving bums. LET'S GO PENS!!!