Sunday, May 11, 2008

Flyers suck, Pens Win!

Above is a brief video of the white out crowd at Friday nights game. We were up in section E2, and at first I thought when I originally got the tickets, it'd suck sitting up there so high, as we've spoiled ourselves and have become used to the blue Igloo seats in the couple games we get to a season. (not sure what YouTube does to the HD quality of my video, but.. *shrugs* )

I was pleasently surprised, and happy to see we got a great view!!! Truly telivison, even HD, does the white out no justice at all!!! It has to be seen with your own eyes, when the lights are low, the shirts almost glow. Then when the towels get to waving.. better yet!

We had some awesome people sitting next to us... ok, well at least I did! 4 guys that really got into the game, and as it happened, fellow Pensblog readers as well. Never let it be said that Penguins fans didn't all think alike, especially if it's all for the common good. :)

My observation shortly into the game was that Igloo seat people must be stiff and afraid to get into the game. Because seemingly everyone up in E section was loud, and into it. Well, save for those folks from Youngstown behind me, they were older and a bit more reserved.

The trip down from the Akron area went smoothly. We're driving down the PA turnpike, getting close to pulling on to 79, some dude speeds past us, waving his hand, giving us a thumbs up, and obviously saying, "GO PENS!" ..... Hmmm... must be my personalized license plate that says 87 Pens that tipped him off to our destination. *smile*

Then once we were onto 279, another car with 3 people in it gave us an enthusiastic wav as well. Like I said... musta been my plates. Sweet ...

Of course it had not rained the whole drive until we hit the Vetrans bridge, and I had visions of sitting in a soaked jersey thru the game. But thankfully once we parked and walked to the Mellon, it was barely raining and the doors were open.

One thing, if I were single and had no tickets, I'd be in that crowd watching on the screen, it looked like fun to be there, no matter what!

The game started with a bang, the roar of the crowd made my own adrenaline start to pump and I was screaming right along with everyone else. It's amazing the things you see... and don't see, when you're at the game as oppossed to watching it at home on television.

Anytime you can take on Philly and make them choke on their own mistakes, makes the win taste all the more sweeter. Not to sound to arrogant, or cruel... it's also nice to see the obnoxious Flyer fans in the crowd sit with their heads in their hands, in the immortal words of the Pensblog... stunned.

As an extra treat (as if the Penguins winning wasn't enough for you!) the fireworks after the game were the best I'd seen in many years. I think they were put on by Verizon wireless, not that I'm giving them advertisement (though I do have wireless service thru them, lol) but major kudos for a job well done, they were great.

Possibly the only 'suck' thru the whole experience was getting out of the parking garage. We normally stay over night at the Marriott, so parking is never an issue for us, but we sat in the garage for a good 30 mins before being able to head back towards home. Seems the police were not directing traffic. I barely noticed though, I was still so jacked up from the game.

Speaking of jacked up.... I'm already there for today!

I'm ready for another Pens win over the Flyers, let's do it again boys....



Bro Brian said...

The play of the series comes at about the 6:10 mark of the following clip:

Nijole said...

Well said.