Friday, May 16, 2008

It's not over... but it will be...SOON!

Not one to let myself be disappointed by a single loss, and hey... I freely admitted yesterday that I would be happy to split the games in Philly, correct?

It goes without saying that winning both would have been much better, and ending the series there, and getting a few extra days rest. Not the case, so we just need to get over it and get ready for Sunday. And really now, won't it be nicer getting the Prince of Wales trophy at home?

And I've been wondering to myself if Sunday's game on NBC will be a blessing or... more of a curse than what we've been made to watch on Versus. I've been so tired of their obvious one sidedness... and always not the Penguins side!

It's not even been this series with the Flyers, they were doing it when we were going at it with the Rangers. Seems as hyped as Sidney Crosby is as the face of 'the new NHL'... it is almost obvious that the media is anti Pittsburgh.

Hogwash I say!

We'll have the last laugh... at least that's what I'm hoping for.

All the talk on FSN's pregame about the Pens already playing Detroit really got me PO'd. Apparently they don't feel jinxed by talking like that, but I can gurantee a whole lot of loyal Pens fans do feel that way. STFU, and wait till we win this series... Dude?

Anyhow, waiting until Sunday for the next game will seem like torture, but, I guess there is no other choice but to do that... wait.

Until then, the loyal Pens nation waits with baited breath, anxious for the next step to glory.

Let's Go Pens!

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Bro Brian said...

You do know that the producer for this series on Versus works for Comcast which is tied to the Flyers AND the Capitals? Joe Bendenatti is the Capitals play-by-play guy and a total tool and doosh. And if I hear THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS EXCLUSIVELY ON VERSUS IN HIGH DEFINITION one more time, I'm going Elvis on the neighbor's TV.

Versus coverage is the suck. Listen to Mike Lange on 105.9 The X in Da Burgh here: