Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's all or nothing tonight

If you caught up on your sleep last night after Monday night's 2 and a half OT's, you're all the better for it. Staying up till almost 1am to see Sykora's called goal was well worth it.

Game 6 is back in the 'Burgh. Here's to hoping the Penguins are still on a wicked rush after not only coming back to tie the game with just over 3o seconds left in the 3rd period, and then playing nearly another full game to finally end it all with a win.

I know I found it hard to fall asleep after all that excitement. And I thought game 3 was exciting... game 5 beat that!

They showed the Stanley Cup being taken out of it's case, the guy handling it polishing it... I said... "Put that thing away!!!" You know... just cuz I was feeling bitter, thinking I'm going to lose. Hearing the masses in Detroit yell, "We want the Cup!"... making me want to gag.

In the end, they all jinxed themselves, the Pens were given a second chance, or at the very least, another win to show for a valiant effort in the finals.

Damn... I want to be at game 6.

I also don't want to see the Cup raised in our house either. So that means winning tonight and going back to Detroit. We've proved we can win there, and we win (last game at home being an exception) at home consistantly... so I say we can still do this, gang!!



Bro Brian said...

This "commercial" should start airing in Da Burgh anytime now:

Benson said...

hey thanks for posting my video!