Thursday, September 25, 2008

Leafs fall

With the promise of regular season hockey starting in just a little over a week, I've been trying to be patient in regards to not getting to watch any of these preseason games. Center Ice is already waiting for me.. I just know it...

So last night no game on TV, but I guess there was a feed online of what was getting shown on the Jumbotron (bet that was nice with no voice commentary?). But thanks to Empty Netters I read where the NHL Network was reshowing it this morning at 6:30am.

Granted I already knew the Pens won 3-2, but it was still fun to watch :)

Sid was out with a sore groing (already??) and Sergi Gonchar has been listed out 'indefinitely'.

There is one more preseason game up in Toronto on Friday before the Penguins head to Europe to start the regular season.

Ahhh hockey is in the air... can'tcha just smell it? :)

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Ulysses said...

Bahh beating the Leafs isn't -that- big a deal. Everyone's done it.