Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forget Sat. it's a new day for more Pens hockey



Saturday night was a disaster, so let's just move on.

The Penguins are in California getting some sunshine and -hopefully- getting ready to beat the San Jose Sharks in their own tank. The Sharks are in second place in the Western Conference at 7-2-2, while the Pens are in fourth place in the Eastern Conference 5-2-2.

Being that the game is on the west coast means it's not starting here until 10:30pm. That doesn't bother me personally, just the arrangements I have for watching the game, lol. No plasma in HD, no watching it in bed, instead I'll be in my computer room here with the volume down, and trying to curb any enthusiasim. Wish me luck on that.

As a side note... got a phone call from the Columbus Blue Jackets today. Spoke to a pretty nice guy named Robert. He was trying to get me interested in buying more Blue Jackets tickets, other than the ones we have to see them against the Pens in March.

After lots of hockey talk we hang up. Not even ten minutes later he calls back to offer me some FREE tickets to either this Saturday or next Saturday nights game, my choice. I made sure there was no catch :P So we'll see if he calls back like he said he would, lol. Next week they play the Calgary Flames, which would be cool to see.

Only down side to all this is that I'll miss a Pens game, but it'd just be the Islanders... lol.



Bhuck George said...

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Rhonda said...

Oh the spammerz... they findz you everwherez... HALP!