Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#11 wins it all on 11-11


If by chance you tuned out early of last nights game, say with 5 minutes to go, you definitely woke up this morning shocked to see that the Penguins indeed won against the Red Wings last night, 7-6.

There was quite a bit of the game where Detroit controlled what went on, yeah the Pens had some moments here and there, but it looked like we were in store for a world class ass whoopin'.

The whole game was the third period though. Jordon Staal was a man possessed.. on fire.. fill in your own verb here... but he not only scores three goals, getting the hat trick and tieing the game up at 6-6 with mere seconds left in the period, but he also draws a penalty, giving the Pens the advantage in OT!

To top off the Jordon Staal-orama, he assisted on the game winning goal! What a beast he was!

This win felt good, considering half way thru the game I was starting to have serious doubts >_< Beating Marian Hossa in his own house is hands down the best thing the Penguins have done so far this season. Just gotta love it... if you're into that whole revenge thing. Guess this isn't saying much for me. :P

Mike Zigomanis also showed why he's there for winning those valueable faceoffs.

I was just so proud of my team last night... go Pens!

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DB said...

six goals agains though, anybody doing something with this?

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