Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winning catch ups

That title has more than one meaning!

Yes, I'm catching up (the term slacker could be thrown out there if you so choose), but it's also not to far off to compare my own catching up with that of the Penguins in 3rd period play of the last two games.

We won, sure.. but it wasn't MAF's best performance either. Sabu came in for the last period to finialize the win.

In Thursday nights win over the f'in Flyers, the Pens were up by 3 goals only to give up 4 more, then tie it up in the 3rd. Jordon Staal again became a factor in the game. But the game didn't get resolved in regulation and went into overtime for the eighth time in 16 games.

In the shootout it was fail after fail on both sides until Goligoski, the sixth and final Pittsburgh shooter, put it home behind Biron. All that was left was asshat Scott Hartnell. It's safe to say I seriously hate the Flyers, but this dude is right up there at the top of the list. He misses a pathetic shot on Sabu, and then plows him over... then goes to the Flyers dressing room to have his diaper changed. What a baby.

Pens win... 2-0 on the Flyers so far this season... yeah, baby!


Last night the Buffaslugs (c'mon... look at that logo! The classic buffalos with the crossed swords rocks, this does not) came into the Mellon fresh off a royal butt kicking from the Blue Jackets on Friday night. You had to figure they were ripe for a revenge game against anyone they played, and the Pens were next in line.

Jason Pominville scores half way thru the first period to start things off, and that's all the scoring that took place then. At points this period was a bit of a snooze fest, lots of back and forth skating. And what was up with Paul Gaustad going down on one knee during his face off's??? Like Bob Errey I'm thinking... isn't this cheating?

The second period starts with Fluery slashing a Sabre, and Cooke goes to the box to serve his penalty. This is noteable later in the game... at least in my opinion.

Finally deep in the Sabres end, Gologoski, Malkin, and Sid play around with the puck and it makes it past Miller. It looks like Sidney hits it in, but it's already past the line and they give Geno credit for the goal... 1-1.


Then a bit later Vanek makes one past Mark Eaton and MAF. (as a side note, I was going crazy during the broadcast when Steigy kept mispronouncing Thomas Vanek's name... how is that possible if you even remotely pay attention to hockey???)

In the third period the Pens are crashing Millers net pretty hard, pushing to get one past him, and I'm guessing he didn't appreciate Jordon Staals pressence to much in front of him and gives him a shot in the family jewels with his stick. No penalty... me as long as the crowd of the Mellon, and the broadcasters... stunned. Staal on the other hand was more stunned. (sorry, had to say it!)

Moments later rookie Gologoski shoots one past Miller... making it Pens 2 Sabres 2. It doesn't take long for Jordon Staal to get his revenge by adding to the score... 3-2. One minute after that it was Fedotenko's turn to score.. now the Pens are up 4-2.

When Miller abandons his net with a minute left in play, Malkin shows he's unselfish, passing it off to Staal who pads the lead with an empty netter, essentially ending the game 5-2.


Malkin has extended his point streak (27) in 13 games... one behind the great 66.

These wins felt good, but the Pens seriously need to look into this deal of playing half assed the first two periods and coming back in the third. But.. we'll take the wins, no matter how they come!

Go Pens!

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