Tuesday, December 30, 2008

last game of the year

Tonight's game against the Bruins will be the last game for 2008.

Also tonight, Sidney Crosby will be playing his 250th regular season game, and Jordon Staal will play his 200th regular season game, making him the youngest player in the history of the NHL to do so.

Oh and good news (hopefully), Hal Gill is back in the lineup for the Pens tonight against one of his former teams, the Bruin's. With that, the Penguin's will be dressing 7 defensemen for this game. Hey, can never have too much defense, and I'm guessing MAF would agree especially since they've left him hang out to dry a few times in the last couple games.

It's been thrown out there that the Bruin's are the best team in the Eastern Conference, hell someone on VS 2 weeks ago said the whole NHL. I'm not disputing they are good, because they are kicking some serious butt right now. And I thank the Pensblog for pointing out the fact that their schedule has been rather soft for the month of December. Check it out for yourself HERE.

Tim Thomas is hot right now, and it can be argued he should have been on the All Star ballot. The Hockey News had a solid interview with him a few weeks back. Another read for me that changed my opinion on a player. The other was with Martin Brodeur... heh.. both goalies, what a coincidence. (I half expect a comment from my husband on this, something Fleury related... I'll say it right now.. GET OVER IT!) Anyhow, Thomas is playing some great hockey and should not be underestimated in the slightest.

With that we await game time, and my parting thoughts on the Bruin's ?



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