Monday, December 22, 2008

losing track or just losing?


Feathers McGraw... all bizness... here to put our pucks in your nets.

I hate that I've had two Saturday games go totally down the toilet on me. First the Flyers, then the dang Leafs. Gee, what's next, rubbing salt in open wounds? Certainly it'd be less painful than this.

Then tonight it's Buffalo. AND it's on Versus.. so much for mercy. Thomas Vanek is still red hot. All we can hope for is one of the ref's curse at Ryan Miller again, and that'll send him off crying for his mommy. Hey, I can hope, can't I?

All that said, and trust me, it's been said a gazillion times already, the Pens need to do something. You can only play the injury card so many times. The games against Philly and the TML's they just didn't even seem to be into it at all.

C'mon guys... I know you can do it.

Just think of that long, cold bus ride home if you lose.



db said...

did you see that brilliant goalie?

neither did I, trade him before he costs the franchise the cup.

Brother Brian said...

Appropos of nothing, today is the 29th anniversary of this beatdown:

Brother Brian said...

Of course, there's this little gem to get you ready for the world juniors starting on Friday: