Thursday, December 18, 2008

time to move forward


Alright, I think I've composed myself (barely!) after that sloppy showing on Saturday against those freakin' Flyers. The 9-1 win against New Jersey 2 nights before that wasn't enough to make me any less complacent with that loss to Philly. Yes, I hate them that much...

BUT! Today is a new day, and a hockey night at that, so we shall strive to put the latest tradgedy out of our mind, and move on to Atlanta. At 10-16-4, they aren't burning up the standings ( or attendence if you watched any of their home games ) in 13th place. With the Islanders and Tampa Bay the only teams with worse records. The Pens on the other hand at 16-10-4, could really use a kick in the pants to get them up out of 7th place in the Eastern Conference. It's tough looking up at Philly and Washington above us.

So has anything changed since Saturday's poor effort in Philly? Remains to be seen. Sidney Crosby was quoted as saying after practice Dec. 16th that the Penguins just didn't want the win as badly as the Flyers did. Yeah, it showed. Sorry fellas, I love yinz, but you need to kick it up a notch, despite the fact that injuries abound. The Caps also are bogged down with injuies and look where they are? Same with Montreal.

It's beyond me why the power play just isn't working. Here is hoping that Fluery being in the net tonight will give the Penguins a much needed boost.. or something. I know me and my husband conflict about the talents of MAF (he's wrong, btw!) but Sabu was gonna kill us slowly if he had to keep being the top goalie.

In other parts of Metropolis....

A new happy LOL place to go, and if you were honest with yourself, who doesn't get enough lol stuffs in their life? For the hockey lovers, we have our own in nhLOL . It gives me a happy face.

Mats Sundin... does anyone even care anymore? And Peter Forsberg... again I say, who cares? There seriously needs to be a deadline put in place for teams wanting to sign on some of these guys so late into the season. Granted Sundin is healthy (we assume) but c'mon, make up your mind or move on, and Forsberg, who in their right mind, the Av's I guess, would want someone who can't stay healthy or contribute for more than a handful of games?

And woohoo! How 'bout those Blue Jackets taking out the Sharks last night? Swwweeeeeettt...

Top 10 overpaid NHL'ers... we agree with #8..

Regardless what you think of Jason Blake, as a hockey fan you gotta love this shoot out goal against the Devils the other night. I caught the tail end of this game and saw this goal.. it's the bomb! Gotta love the spinarama!

Sean Avery is not in his behavioral health program? Is any one shocked? Does anyone care?

When you're watching tonights game... don't forget this, we won't... from the 2:45 mark on..


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db said...

MAf or no MAF, don't forget he's was a #1 draftpick and has not been solid enough during a whole season to proof his status.
Last year you did not like Conk while he was leading the league in certain stats.
Well we'll see tonight..but i still think trade him for a $1 mil goalie and you'll be just fine and have some more cap room to give Sidney someone who can keep up with him.
btw lets trade whitney too ..pens have too much young tslent right now in D that does the job fine.