Thursday, October 30, 2008

Huh? don't get lost in the desert

Tonight's top line.....

Fedotenko - Crosby - Kennedy

I'm scratching my head on this one, but if it works, Michel Therrien is a genius, if it doesn't he'll be labeled the village idiot.

Mike Zigomanis will also be facing his former team... and we'll have Hal Gill and Max Talbot back in the line up. Yay team. But Pascal Dupuis is out with an unspecified injury. As of today, the Pens also have recalled forward Chris Minard from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

The Pens go into this game in seventh place in the Eastern Conference at 5-3-2, while the Coyotes are in fourteenth place in the Western Conference at 3-4.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dead in the water of the Shark tank


If you were like me and stayed up until 1am to watch this game, and went to bed feeling a little restless and disappointed, join the club my friend.

It's all a given that the Penguins are going to lose some hockey games this year, just like every other team in the NHL, but for the life of me this was one that really left me scratching my head, and wondering where it all went wrong. Well... maybe it was the opening face off *shrugs*.

They just never seemed 'into' the game until probably the last half of the third period, basicly when it was too late. The one goal they did score almost felt like a pity goal. When you're outshot 34-11, tough to win hockey games that way.

Oh well, losing to the Sharks 2-1 won't kill us (as much as it seems like it) but Dany Sabourin kept the score down... it could have been much worse.

Ah well, let's hope the Penguins have learned something (anything?) from this disaster in San Jose. One thing I learned is that watching games late night with the volume down low, Steigy seems alot less annoying.

Go Pens!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forget Sat. it's a new day for more Pens hockey



Saturday night was a disaster, so let's just move on.

The Penguins are in California getting some sunshine and -hopefully- getting ready to beat the San Jose Sharks in their own tank. The Sharks are in second place in the Western Conference at 7-2-2, while the Pens are in fourth place in the Eastern Conference 5-2-2.

Being that the game is on the west coast means it's not starting here until 10:30pm. That doesn't bother me personally, just the arrangements I have for watching the game, lol. No plasma in HD, no watching it in bed, instead I'll be in my computer room here with the volume down, and trying to curb any enthusiasim. Wish me luck on that.

As a side note... got a phone call from the Columbus Blue Jackets today. Spoke to a pretty nice guy named Robert. He was trying to get me interested in buying more Blue Jackets tickets, other than the ones we have to see them against the Pens in March.

After lots of hockey talk we hang up. Not even ten minutes later he calls back to offer me some FREE tickets to either this Saturday or next Saturday nights game, my choice. I made sure there was no catch :P So we'll see if he calls back like he said he would, lol. Next week they play the Calgary Flames, which would be cool to see.

Only down side to all this is that I'll miss a Pens game, but it'd just be the Islanders... lol.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pens lose in NYC


Dominated the first period from the word go. Daryl Sydor slaps a puck that bumps off two Ranger players to score the only goal of the first period. Pens lead 1-0.

The clip about stuff in the Penguins equipment vault that was shown during intermission was pretty damn cool. Looking forward to the next installment of that. Makes you wonder why past players have left so much of their stuff behind. And surprising no one as tried to sell it on ebay.

Early in the second period, Crosby is able to punch the puck in around King Henry after a crown of players jab at it in front of him.. Pens 2- NYR-0

There was an awesome Penguins penalty kill in the second period with 5 on 3.

The Rangers manage to score early on in the third period. No biggie right? I wasn't too worried. The slap in the face came with mere seconds left when the Rags pull their goalie for the extra attacker, the Rangers player takes a puck up from the neutral zone and slaps it over Fleury's shoulder on the glove side. Goal and tie game... crap.

Falling apart in the third period is not a habit I want this team getting into...

Overtime was busy, lots of skating back and forth, but ultimately no goals.. time for the shoot out... crap again.

Needless to say, first two shooters from both sides are denied. Then the third Ranger player scores a fluke goal on MAF. Crosby isn't our best shoot out player, and it's anyone's guess how this is even possible. But, it just is, and continues to be so. With visions of last years winter classic shoot out winning goal, I hoped for Sid to tie it up again. No go. It ends. Pens lose 2-3.

With two days off to think about all this, the Penguins fly (though we all know penguins cannot fly, they need to charter an airplane!) into San Jose to battle the Sharks in the shark tank.

California dreamin'..... GO PENS!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's game day again, NYR's tonight



Tonight there will be 15 games going on in the NHL, all 30 teams playing. Of course the one I care most about is the Pens/Rangers match up in New York City.

The Rags come into this game 7-2-1, first place in Atlantic division, and Pittsburgh right behind them in second at 5-2-1. Not sure how the NYR's are 2 more games ahead already seeing how both teams started the season in Europe, but whatever. But essentially their records are pretty similiar.

Pens are coming off a win Thursday night with Carolina, and the Rags won against the Blue Jackets last night.

With all that said, it's time for some hockey! LET'S GO PENS!!



a glimpse of my obsession

This is my computer room, where I blog from, and a hint at my Penguins obsession.

I love the curtain topper with the skating Penguin logo :)

Yes, I admit, I have the pigeon Pens jersey

the Penguins 25th anniversary print, thanks to my brother Brian, and my Sid bobble head :P

My Sidney Crosby fathead, a birthday gift 2 years ago... the pillows I made myself

newest 'find' is the rug in front of the chair... it's soft

the awesome blue retro jersey, it's so cool.. I love it

my very special, most favorite bit of Pens stuff is the autographed Crosby picture *happy sigh* This picture does it no justice. The framing and mat on it are first class... should be for what my husband paid for it!

You can't see them all in this picture, but I have 8 Pittsburgh Penguin zamboni's in there, my husband has an Oilers one in there as well *heehee*, I think the two McFarlane figures of Sid are soooooooo cool, some of the parts move.

So there it is.. I didn't add the picture of the door to my computer room, there is another jersey hanging there, it's a Jagr one in the home black that has Pittsburgh slanted down the front. But as you can see, proof possitive, I'm penguin obsessed :) So sue me ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pens beat 'Canes


In a game that could only be described as a 'comeback' the Penguins manage to do just that and score all 4 of their goals in the third period to beat the Carolina Hurricanes 4-1.

Brooks Orpik drops the puck in the first period to give the 'Canes their only goal, with Brandon Sutter picking it up and scoring, to get his first ever NHL goal. No offense, but who wouldn't have made that shot? Fluery certainly didn't see it coming.

Second period is all alot of back and forth, some chances by both teams, but nothing happens goal wise.

Then the third period comes along...

After one of the Hurricanes falls trying to clear the puck, good ol' Malkin scoops it up, fires a shot on net which it seemed he scored, but it turns out it hits Crosby's stick and goes in, Pens tie it 1-1.

Ruslan Fedotenko then makes the masses happy by finally scoring his first goal as a Penguin 32 seconds later. Now we're up 2-1. Happieness!

At this point it's pretty obvious the Pens are feeding off some sort of momentum, because the are looking pretty wired and fast. They're everywhere.

Max Talbot scores a pretty goal, scoring on Leighton's five hole making it 3-1, Penguins.

When Carolina left their net empty, I even thought before Bob or Stiegy could say it, that Fleury was gonna try for a goal, and sure enough he did. He got the puck behind his own net and chucks it down ice. It looked like it was going to make it but, no dice. You could see MAF laughing, too cool.

Geno however, did make the empty netter, making the final score 4-1... Pens win!

Tomorrow (Saturday) all 30 of the NHL teams are going to play, something only having happened one other time. The Pens will see themselves in the Big Apple facing the Rangers minus double J. Should prove interesting since they've not played since the Pens knocked the Rags out of the playoffs.

Giddie Up!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Game Day... Hurricanes blow into Mellon


The former Hartford Whalers now known as the Carolina Hurricanes come into the Mellon Arena tonight to take on our beloved Penguins.

The 'Canes are currently 3-1-1 and in third place in the Eastern Conference, while the Penguins are 4-2-1, and in sixth place.

Oh yeah, and there's that brother thing going on there too. I'm sure we'll be reminded of that more than once during tonights broadcast.

Hal Gill is out with an unspecified injury.. bummer :(

Other NHL noteables:

It is with much restraint that I must say that the Flyers do indeed, still suck, and are winless.

Tampa Bay is barely much better, but they won their first game the other night. I still dislike Barry Melrose, so there. Also, wondering how much Ryan Malone is liking his new team now. Steven Stamkos is no Sidney Crosby, that's already quite obvious... or not, but it still needs said. He's getting no ice time so how's he going to prove me wrong otherwise?

Even in Dallas, Sean Avery is still an ahole.

VP candidate Sarah Palin will see if she fairs any better in St. Louis before a blues crowd.

Martin Brodeur is playing some rock solid hockey in net for the Devils. Hey, that was hard for me to just type out, but the truth is the truth.

Is it time to look on the milk carton yet for Jordon Staal?

Seems there are still some GM's in the NHL very interested in Mats Sundin's decision to play or not... while the rest of us have gotten bored waiting and just moved on.

There was an interesting topic on todays War Room on XM radio's home ice channel. If you could move any hockey team, and where to.. which one would it be.

Lots of interesting opinions to be sure, mine was moving the Flyers to the moon, but I digress...

One that had never came to my mind was putting a team, be it new or moving an established one, in St. Paul, Minnesota. You have the twin cities there, Minnesota LOVES hockey. It'd be cool having a team in Minneapolis (the Wild) and another across the way in St. Paul. I think the area is such a hockey hot bed, they'd both do well.

But the NHL needs to generate more revenue, and who knows how to do that with football and basketball shoved down your throat at every turn.

ANYHOW...... it's a hockey night in Pittsburgh....



Pens beat the bears


In a game that literally saw God(ard) go off for fighting, and seconds later Satan sent to the penalty box, the Pens fought a tough back and forth game, before Malkin finally scores in the shoot out to win it for them 2-1.

The Bruins missed alot of power play chances, and kudos to the Penguins PK, at least they are doing their job.

Major praise goes out also to Dany Sabourin. I've often voiced my reluctance to accept him as a quality back up goalie, but he did a bang up job on Monday night in Boston. If he can keep up this kind of work, I say put him in every 6-8 games to give MAF a break, and keep him on his toes.

But I feel he really saved them in the first period, Boston came out hard and dominated the Pens.

Next up we're back home for the Carolina (Hartford) Hurricanes (Whalers). Go Pens!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Game Day... Pens go to Beantown


It's the first trip of the season to Boston to meet up with the likes of Marc Savard, Michael Ryder, Phil Kessel (sp?), and Zdeno Chara.

Also Boston is where Crosby got into his first fight last season, against former Penguin Andrew Ferrence, and in the process sent the hockey world into a tizzy of discussion.

Coming off a hot win over the Maple Leafs Saturday night and new line combinations, with Sid and Malkin playing with Dupuis on the first line, it will be interesting to see if Therien sticks with what worked then. One can just never tell with him, lol.

With that said, it's a great day for hockey! :)



Pens win as easy as 1,2,3


The Penguins win against the Toronto Maple Leaf's on Saturday night, 4-1.

But the win was so much more than that! It was a game of milestones.

Evgeni Malkin registered his 200th NHL career point. It was a shame FSN didn't make a bigger deal out of it than what they did, and even then it was all after the fact.


Sidney Crosby hit several career high marks. He got his 100th NHL goal, 200th assist, and 300th point... all in the same game. Awesomeness. I was really glad he was able to do all this at home in front of his own fans. It was also surprising that the goal was his first of the season, so I'm sure he was glad to get it out of the way.

Some of Sid's passes and puck playing were just sick as usual, it never gets tiresome watching him. Most entertaining was a between the legs pass to TML's young draftee Luke Schenn, which led to Satan scoring.

Next up on the schdule... The Bruins, in Boston. Go PENS!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game Day... Time to rake leaves

Good news is we beat the Toronto Maple Leafs both times in the preseason.

Bad news is, they beat our (current) worst enemy, the Red Wings on their opening night, and last night they just barely lost to the New York Rangers, 1-0.

Oh, then there is that little bit of the Pens taking the tail pipe Thursday night against the Crapitals.

What's all this mean? I have no clue. Just thinking out loud here in cyber space. Go Pens.



Friday, October 17, 2008


It goes without saying that it's not over until it's over, but it is especially true when it comes to hockey. Seconds matter, and it has been proven many times.

But to waste an entire period, and let a 3-0 lead go down the drain is just downright painful to watch. I kid you not, things were feeling pretty good watching the Pens and the Craps last night. The first two periods they did fantastic, and the power play actually looked a little more aggressive.

Even the one goal that Washington did manage to get in before the end of the second, making it 3-1 wasn't so bad.

It's the 3rd period where it just seems the Pens got too relaxed and then let the Caps take over. And that they did, and by time it was 3-4 there was no playing catch up.

Ovechkin played like a man possessed, seemingly making Malkin his target of choice. Say all you want about the much over hyped Crosby, Ovechkin rivalry, but it looks more like he has Geno in his sights. Though at the end of the game, Sid and Alex exchanged words and had to be held apart. Go figure.

Can Washington be the new Philadelphia? The one to surprise everyone this year. Time will tell. Hey, it's only the second week of the season remember? Let's not forget about the element of time either as I've already mentioned... it can change everything... and faster than you want it to.

Let's chalk this loss up to experience and move on, it's too early in the season to be nay saying this or that (except that power play ffs). But come May, we'll want this game back, and wished the sands of the digital hourglass had not run out before the Pens got a chance to even the score.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Game Day... Cave man comes to town


And no, not the one who pushes insurance. The one that scores lots of goals.

The Caps may have lost their season opener against Atlanta, but then went home and won the next two against Chicago and Vancouver. They look good with the likes of not only Ovechkin, but Alexander Semin and Mike Green.

Oh yeah... there is also that whole Crosby vs. Ovechkin thing... *yawn* media overload.

Going Five Hole has an interesting post about proposed changes to the 2009 All Star game. I personally laughed at the incentive to get players to show up and not 'pretend to be injured'. Sure, like none of them don't already have a Rollex. Good move. has an article about thousands of fans paying their last respects Wednesday to Alexei Cherepanov. Who knows if we'll ever know if he had a pre existing heart condition or not. Let's just hope there was no steroids involved.

This one just makes me want to fall off my chair laughing. The hubbub surrounding Joe Elliot and the upside down Stanley Cup just keeps rolling along. The old war horse Chris Chelios was on a local radio program yesterday, here is a brief snippet from it...

Chelios: "Someone should have drove that guy, he did that on purpose."

Lynne: "Joe Elliott did it on purpose?"

J.J.: "You think he did it on purpose?"

Chelios: "No, we know he did... we talked to people at the show and the guy was being real rude to everybody. He was in a bad mood when they got there, so for whatever reason he didn't want to be there. And that's his way of showing it and taking it out on the NHL.... Darren McCarty didn't really get a chance to see it; I guess he was going off the stage when it happened. And you know, Quincey (Kyle Quincey) was the only one that said he would have done something to him."

Lynne: "Do you think Quincey would have really popped him?"

Chelios: "No I don't know if he would have popped him, but he could have gave him a good shove."

Chelios says that the Red Wings were very upset about what happened at what was an NHL production--he intonates that if it was a Red Wings production, they wouldn't have picked a North American band that actually has an interest in hockey, like Aerosmith.

Just my personal observation.... if the Penguins had won the cup, none of this would have happened! At least I'm thinking that... and I'm sticking to it. :)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pens win, Flyers still suck


Alright so the title of this post could have very easily went the other way. The Penguins had only one win under their belt so far, yet the Flyers only had.. what was it... none!

And yet... it went our way.

Going into the game I even said to my husband that this was gonna be a knock down, drag 'em out, slug fest. Well, darn it... how it did not even go that way. I'm not up for getting anyone hurt, but typical Pens/Flyers match up are just that intense, so you sort of just 'expect' fists to fly.

Oh... but it wasn't a total hands off affair...


Eric God(ard) took Riley Cote(x) to task, giving us one of the best hockey fights seen in recent history. These two are neither shy, nor reluctant to get into a scrap. But I'll admit I was loving Godard whomping the hell out of Cote, he's had that coming ... and in spades. Both go off for 10 minutes.

Oh yeah, this game was on Vs. Specialness. Was waiting for Endzo to remind us he was fired from the Pens. Never happens, dern.

The Penguins power play still hasn't developed into much at all. On the flip side, their penalty killing is not to bad. At one point they kill off a 5 on 3.



Even watching at home on tv it was obvious that Mike Richards has become the Mellon's new boo boy. I noticed it particularly after he got sent to the box for an unsportsman like call. Of course if you ask me it's all fair in love, war... and hockey. Crosby has been getting boo'd in Philly since he came into the league.

The Penguins first two goals came from very unlikely sources, and makes me wonder what's up with our first two lines?? Brooks Orpik (FREE CANDY!!!) gets one in the second period, and not long after that Zigomanis gets one past Niittymaki on the glove side. Yay! Pens 2-0.

Then things got rather troublesome. Hal Gill then scores for the Flyers after one is deflected off his stick (Hey! is he with us or against us?). And 23 seconds later they score again.. Dang it.. now it is 2-2.


The whole second period was pretty exciting, despite giving up those 2 goals. The third was sort of just a lot of back and forth, just not much of anything happens. So we go to OT.

Overtime was in fact pretty intense. Makes you sit on the edge of your seat, knowing at any second a quick goal from either side could end it. But with 10 seconds left in OT, and the threat of the shoot out looming, Dupuis gets the puck and lets one fly to Niittymaki's far side. GOAL! Pens win 3-2.

AP photos


Whose to blame?

When Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliot places the Stanley Cup on a table upside down (gasp!) every hockey fan has a minor hissy fit. C'mon... isn't it obvious it goes the other way? I mean, there are hundreds of names on that thing, do any of you read upside down??

Myself included thought it was simply ridiculous, him being English is just all besides the point. I mean it's a given they are soccer folks and not hockey fans... but.. gah!!!

Then there is this lovely little article, to put a new spin on things. From Joe himself on

"I will, as always, take full responsibility for what happened because I have big pucks. However, someone at the NHL should have known better and informed me first instead of keeping the Stanley Cup under lock and key until the last minute. The practice run the day before with a coffeemaker went swimmingly because it, like every other sporting cup I've ever seen, was wider at the top than the base. Ironic isn't it that after that night's gig, a NHL insider told me that long ago the Stanley Cup was also designed to be put down that way!!!

Like most of my fellow Brits, I'd never seen it before until it was handed to me sideways by which time I had a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Whoops……"

Ok... we get it... but like that auto insurance cave man says.. we get it, we don't like it... but we get it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Game Day... those freakin' Flyers


So hockey season is now under way and if it doesn't beat all, game 4 brings us already our arch nemisis the Flyers.

Personally speaking, I still savor being at game one of the Eastern Conference finals, being in the white out, deafened by the roars and chants of my fellow Pens fans. But, that was May, this is October.

Both teams are looking for a win tonight, so there may be a certain amount of desperation on both sides. I think it's safe to say we know what can come from said desperation. This is hockey we're talking about, and goon team number one, so it's pretty safe to assume the gloves will be off, figuritively and literally.

I for one am anxious... yes.. again, for tonights game. Another home game too, so we have the masses on our side.


Rangers prospect Alexei Cherepanov dies


I don't care who you are, if you love the sport of hockey, this is indeed tragic. And even if this kid were not a hockey player, it's still a sad thing for one so young to be cut down before he'd even hit the prime of his life.

Reports differ as to what actually happened, and it may take a few days to sort things out. The Pensblog has a YouTube of the trainers and staff trying to revive him, it's just heartbreaking to watch. has a rather interesting article about a Russian lawmaker saying there will be an investigation, looking for negligence on the part of paramedics. You can read that here.

With that said, Alexei's family and friends are in the prayers of all us hockey fans, regardless of who our favorite team is.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Game 3, Pens lose in OT

First home game of the year at the good old Mellon Arena, on a very unhockey like weather day. High 70's, lots of sunshine, makes one think more of baseball than it does chasing around a rubber puck on an indoor sheet of ice. Well, that is if you're someone else other than me :P

The games in Sweden, even though they were regular season games, almost seemed preseason, so there was still all this excitement in me for the start of tonights game.


Eric Goddard got his first fight as a Penguin, going up against Mike Rupp. First off I wasn't so sure how this was going to go, but I think in the end Godd won by a nose... or some other narrow body part. Just wasn't -that- intense of a fight. Not that I gauge a hockey game according to it's fights.

Do NOT get me started on how much it irks me when people make cracks about fighting and hockey, and how they think that's all their is to it. It's like saying football and basketball players are all gangsters. Uhm... nevermind.

Not quite halfway thru the first period Satan picks up an awesome pass from Stall who took it from Malkin.. Pens 1-0 Oh, and did I mention, this was on a power play? Yippe, finally got one.

One thing can be said, the Devils didn't play their typical snore fest hockey. Usually watching them can be dull at best, and it's just their style of play. Last night they seemed energized and quick.

Sid takes his first penalty of the season for interference. Crosby was on fire, someone must have replaced his Gatorade with Red Bull.

Marc Andre Fleury was huge. He faced something like 45 shots. And the goal that went in off Hal Gill's skate late in the third cannot even be blamed on him. MAF was definitely on his game, and that's not making light of Marty Brodeur at the other end, he (regretfully) did not face as many shots.

Hal Gill finds himself in a fight during the second period. Now one would imagine with his size Gill could really clean someone's clock, but after a few initial hits to David Clarkson's face, they twist and pull on each other, Clarkson punching Gill up under his chin pretty damn hard. After a little more pushing and pulling, the refs break it up. I'm guessing big Hal isn't known for his fighting ablilities.

As mentioned before, late in the third period a shot from Patrick Elias goes off Gill's skate, making it a 1-1 game, after which goes into OT.

The fans of the Mellon make their displeasure known for the lack of shots on goal (they were outshot 20-2 in the third period!!) when Ruslan Fedotenko takes a shot at Brodeur, and they give the team a resounding cheer, laced with heavy amounts of sarcasm.

One of the Devils takes possession of the puck, lobs it way up ice, over the heads of the Penguins defenders, right to Zach Parise, who scores an almost unstoppable goal on Fleury. Game over.

After looking hot in the first period, the Pens just let themselves get outplayed the rest of the game. Blah.


As a side note. The Hockey News online, but more specificly writer Adam Proteau, really chapped my back side after reading his article about the Flyers having VP candidate Sarah Palin drop the first puck in the season home opener. Read the article here.

Now, my political affiliations aside, his 'rant' not only spoke volums to his own opinion, but it also made a hipocrite out of him. He complains there is no room for politics in hockey, and for the most part I agree, but if the GM or owner of any professional team does something like that, they are the ones to benefit/suffer for it, so what's it to this guy? Instead he wasted bandwidth on his POS opinion of something, and just did what he said he disliked.

Personally the only thing he accomplished is making himself look like an asshat. I'll try not to hold it against The Hockey News.

It's a Wonderful Day for Hockey

I just loved that video... and how poetic... this is my 87th post :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It has to make you laugh...

Courtesy of the Hockey News Online:

PHILADELPHIA - The Flyers finished their pre-season Tuesday with a 4-2 loss to their minor league affiliate, the American Hockey League's Philadelphia Phantoms.

Simon Gagne and Scottie Upshall each scored a goal in the loss. Patrick Maroon led the Phantoms with a goal and an assist, while goaltender Antero Niittymaki made 28 saves.

Gagne gave the Flyers a 1-0 lead on a one-timer late in the first period, before Maroon assisted on Jared Ross's power-play goal in the second to tie the score.

Maroon then knocked a loose puck past Jean-Sebastien Aubin midway through the third period to put the Phantoms ahead before Jonathan Matsumoto made it 3-1.

Upshall cut the deficit to one less than a minute later, but the Phantoms held on.

The Flyers had a goal disallowed with 43.8 seconds left after Jeff Carter used his glove hand to put the puck in the net.

It was the second exhibition game the Flyers played this pre-season at the Wachovia Spectrum, their original home. The team moved to the Wachovia Center in 1996, with the Phantoms taking over as the hockey tenant in the Spectrum. The building is scheduled to be razed sometime after the conclusion of the upcoming 2008-09 season.

The Flyers open the regular season Saturday when they host the New York Rangers.

Now... excuse me while I laugh....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

So long Sweden... Pens lose 3-1


For all the anticipation I had for yesterdays game, and delighted in winning the first one of the season, todays was a minor let down.

I realize these time zone jumping games are hard on the players, but I had almost hoped they fed off yesterdays win to pull out another day, to come home with 4 points. Instead the series was split, bummer though is we only got two.. but they got 3. Crud.

The first period sort of went by uneventful and as if neither team was really into it, so as such it ended 0-0.


Throughout the game Crosby got roughed up a few times, one time in particular by former team mate Jarko Rutuu, giving him a nice elbow to the head. Sucks, we liked Rutuu, but now rules dictate we must hate him. So goes it.

Dany Heatley, swings one in around MAF making it 1-0 by the end of the 2nd period.

It all goes without saying that the weakness of the Pens power play is growing increasingly frustrating, oh gawd, let's just be glad this is only the second game of the season. Maybe mentioning yesterday how Mike Yeo wanted to make the Penguins power play the best in the league wasn't a good idea. I blame Bob Errey for the jinx... thanks.

The third period comes and now we're seeing Sid and Malkin together, desperation city. It all just seems like rushing around doing nothing until Heatley scores again from down on his knee. 2-0.

A few more minutes later the Sens score again, 3-0.

This one is over. Gawd, help us keep our dignity, let us score one, please!?!? <--- my thoughts at least *shrugs*

In what was the best hit of the game (at least from my chair) was Matt Cooke laying out Daniel Alfredsson, then the resulting skirmish sending one of the Senators to the box.


Penguins power play again, but at this point I'm thinking... the last two days they've not made anything work, now with less than a minute, how are they going to finally figure it out and score?
Sidney slaps the puck out to Alex Goligoski, who fires it past Auld, giving the Pens at least one goal for the game with less than a second to go. Kudos to not giving up, guys.

Suffice to say it'll be nice for games to be back here at home, and that the team can get rested until next Saturday's game.

Only good thing to come out of today is my two fantasy teams got some points thanks to Heatley and Goligoski :P

Saturday, October 4, 2008

And so it begins.. Pens Win 4-3


Finally! After 4 months of no Penguin hockey, much anticipation, and 3 national anthems hockey season in Pittsburgh has finally started. Ok, so it's in Sweden, but who's gonna be choosey? Of course I still dislike these season opening games outside the United States, guess it's just good that after tomorrow's game the Pens have until next Saturday to recover from their jet lag.


Tyler Kennedy scored within the first minute of the game, doing that shot that he's becoming famous for, shooting off the left side after swinging around the net. The goal was wicked, catching Gerber on his short side. Pens 1-0


Almost 11 minutes in to the 1st period, the Senators tie it up 1-1. Boo.

Not long into the 2nd Malkin breaks away and literally almost crashes the net, shooting and scoring as he goes down on his back side. It's one of those goals you want to watch a couple more times. Pens 2 - Sens 1

Dany Heatley ties it later making it 2-2 and before the 2nd period ends, Jason Spezza makes it 3-2.

But never fear!

Ottawa got 1:25 of five on three power play to start off the third, but like the Penguins earlier in the game, were unable to do anything with it. But what came next no one saw coming... Rob Scuderi found the net and scored! Tying it up 3-3! However that's where regulation ended.

Then after a bit of back and forth four on four in overtime, Tyler Kennedy ended the game in the last minute, just as he started it in the first minute. He steals the puck off Spezza, makes a rush for the net and once more goes short side on Gerber, winning the game, Pens 4- Sens 3.


Gosh... it's so nice to sit and watch hockey again *happy sigh*.. and starting the season with a win makes it twice as nice :) More hockey with Swedish meatballs tomorrow.

P.S. Downside was that Stiegy obviously didn't do well in broadcasters training camp.. oi..

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's almost time...


This time tomorrow I won't be able to stand myself. Heck.. I can barely stand it now! Yes, tomorrow the regular season finally opens for us Penguins fans. No more preseason games that don't mean anything (though we did go 4-0-1), and games that are harder to gain access to than the missle launch codes at NORAD, but most importantly... forgetting about last season.

Yes, it's all new, a fresh start... insert cliche here.

No more moaning and groaning at the loss in the finals. It's time to venture into the unknown, be hopeful and see what we can accomplish. Always the optimistic one when it comes to my team, I've chosen to ignore the usual ney sayers, and their comments that the Pens are not able to do as well this season because of losing so many players in the off season.

I just don't see it that way. Mostly because in retrospect, they really didn't lose anything that critical to the core of this team. Tell me we lost the likes of Malkin, Fleury, Orpik... no.. we didn't, so as such, there is much cause for said optimism. And hey, those are only a couple names to throw out. Kris Letang can only get better, as well as a couple other up and coming guys.

For something to make you laugh, check out the latest gem of knowledge spewing from Sean Avery's mouth. From the Hockey News online... Sean Avery thinks NHL, Bettman doing poor job of marketing game. His lack of class shines thru, yet again. Reading some of the readers comments is just as interesting.

Anyhow, tomorrow me and my husband draft our fantasy hockey teams at noon EST. Followed by the Pens season opener at 2:30 against the Sens. What can I say, but... GAME ON!!!