Monday, January 26, 2009

All Star hangover


If you're like anyone else who more than casually follows hockey, you probably checked out this weekends All Star game. (or as Seth at Empty Netters refers to it.. All Star lame, lol) I confess to having checked out pre and post game shows on the NHL network before both Saturday and Sunday's events.

Ok, maybe not so much after the game last night. I was a bit miffed. Sure I was glad the Eastern Conference came away with the win, but I totally didn't agree that Alex Kovalev was the games MVP. It was pretty much written in stone he was going to win it, both my husband and I called it. Does the fact that he was from Montreal and the game was in Montreal have anything to do with it. Eh, you decide.

A more likely candidate? Gosh, there could be a couple. Alexander Ovechkin, Tim Thomas, even ol' Vinny Lecavalier, and maybe a long shot but even Marc Savard. Certainly Kovalev had nothing on any of these guys, I mean... seriously.

Just goes to show it was meant to be a crowd pleaser. Or shall we say, a Habs pleaser. I call a party foul!


Was super duper happy they acknowledged Sidney Crosby as the highest vote getter, and at least announced him prior to the rest of the Eastern Conference lineup. Yay Sid! Nice suit, btw.


Overall, I was most impressed with Evgeni Malkin. Sure he plays for my Pens, but he really seemed to come out of his shell over the weekend. He probably gave what I saw as one of his best interviews to VS. He spoke well, smiled, and didn't seem to be too very nervous. The fact he won one of the skills competitions and scored in the game, made him look all the more the part of a true all star coming into his own. Good for him.

All in all the skills competition was sort of a disappointment. They seriously need to revamp this. The potential for something more exciting is there. Given there will be no game next year because of the Olympics, that will give them 2 years to figure it out.

It's pretty much a given that the only people who watch this thing are hockey fans anyway, but that doesn't mean we're a bunch of mindless dolts that don't want to see a little more excitement in this. However if you were just cruising the channels and paused on the skills competition, chances are you moved on and checked back when the extreme cage fighting came on.

It's done and over now for awhile. Time to move on with the rest of the season. Here's to hoping that the next all star game has improved voting, more watchable skills competition, and something to talk about the next day besides Alex Kovalev.

Let's go Pens!

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