Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flyer stomping day... we hope


Well the weekend passed and the Penguins are still the same team they were on Saturday when they lost to the Av's. I'm a bit surprised, but I think I can safely say that if they lose much more, that won't exactly be the case.

There needs to be a shake up in the ranks, where that will happen, remains to be seen.

Tonight the Pens go up against the Flyers. And if there were ever a team all us Penguin fans hate, it's the Flyers. And who's next on that list, the Crapitals... and guess what, we play them tomorrow night!! SO! If the Pens can't get jacked up to go up against these two teams, they have no pulse left!

I did a little roaming around this morning and found this awesome blog written by a gal who is an Islanders fan. She made a great post about female fans vs. the dreaded puck bunny! Go check it out! Not Your Average Ice Girl.

Oh and speaking of good blogs... the much loved and often misunderstood (ok, maybe not misunderstood, but those guys... well... I love them lol) guys over at the Pensblog have moved from blogger over to an new blog host, called of all things... Bloguin. The new format is awesome and will suit their needs better, they have just out grown us minions here on blogger. Their new addy is THE PENSBLOG. <--- click there!

Not alot left to be said. Things are what they are, as crappy as that sounds. When things look their worst, they probably are lol. But, I'm not letting that ruin game day for me. We're gonna kick some Flyer ass tonight!



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kelly mac said...

Hey thanks I really appreciate the shout out!

I just can't stand puck bunnies. I feel like they give us female fans a bad name, not to mention they give me the creeps! haha.

I like your blog! It's refreshing to see more and more kickass girl hockey fans. I like the Pens too. I mean- being a Isles fan, I need a back up team! Haha. Plus, Sid's my favorite NHLer and my sister just loves MAF. I check them out whenever they are in the NY area (expect when they play the Isles.. then I am my regular Isle fan self! lol)

Well thanks again, I'm going to link your blog in my blog roll. :)