Tuesday, February 17, 2009

one is the loneliest number

The Penguins only eeking out one point in yesterdays shoot out loss to the Islanders had a few highlights to it, though admittedly not a whole lot.

It was encouraging (slightly) that the game never got out of hand.. in the losing sense, and stayed pretty much tied up the whole time until the Pens lost it in the shoot out 3-2. Why Sid didn't go top shelf on that chance is anyones guess >_<

At times it really seemed like the team was working the puck and trying to keep it out of their end, but the same could be said of the Isles. The day itself probably felt 'thrown together' for both the new coach and the team as well with no morning skate to feel each other out and get the low down on how things would go come game time.

With that said, at least new coach Dan Bylsma has until Thursday when the Canadians come into Pittsburgh to run a few practices with the team. Gawd... please, let's hope something clicks before this weekend. Sat. it's the Flyers, and Sun. the Caps.


If there truly are any hockey gods up there... let's hope you hear my cries!!

Let's GO Pens!

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