Thursday, February 12, 2009

where were you 29 years ago today?


Yes, 19 years ago today, the 1980 USA Olympic team beat the Soviet Red Army hockey team in Lake Placid, New York.

This morning on XM's Home Ice's program 'The War Room', they were talking with people about their memories of that game, and where they were when it happened. It's so amazing how many people recall where they were on that Sunday.

This was probably safe to say my first exposure to hockey. I remember well as my family was not hockey watchers. My Dad, and brothers were avid baseball guys, and that was all they watched. But Olympic ice hockey that year caught on given the political climate the US was in, and everyone was looking to see the United States take on and beat the Russians.

Everyone rushed home from church that Sunday to tune in to watch the much hyped game, my family included. A family not used to watching hockey, and not even really knowing all the rules, but still cheering for our team, the United States. Then to hear Al Micheals, scream... "Do you believe in miracles!?" as the final seconds ticked down in that now famous game.

Yes, it was nice to relive this game today in the memories of other people, as they told where they were the day that the miracle on ice occoured. It caused me to reflect on my own, and little did I know then, was just the start of a passion for the sport of hockey.

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