Monday, May 25, 2009

The waiting game

So, a happy Memorial day to everyone.

Somewhere in this abundant sunshine there is still hockey going on, at least I think so. Two days off since the last game before the Penguins play again tomorrow night, and a rather non entertaining game yesterday with the Red Wings soundly taking the Blackhawks to the carpet.

Seriously, I was so hoping the Western conference finals was going to be more of a series than it has been. So much for that I suppose, and as it is, unless something freakish happens ( and not to say things such as that don't happen ) Pittsburgh will eventually, if not tomorrow, sometime with in the Eastern conference finals, take the East title for the second straight year and return to the Stanley Cup finals.

In and of itself, unprecidented. Why? The loser from the previous year never comes back to the finals again. Mark my words, you'll hear that little dity a few times in the coming weeks.

Weeks? Yes, weeks.

In all their infinite wisdom (note sarcasm) the NHL has stated that if both Conference finals were over by Tuesday the 26th, (and as it is, the date this was released, it was already an impossibility with Chicagos win on Thursday night) that the cup finals would start on May 29th. And, if not, they would not start until June 5th.

WHAT? a 10 day break? Unheard of and for all I care, unnecessary. I can't say I've heard the reasoning behind all of this, but you can bet your bottom dollar... well, that it comes down to the bottom dollar, someones.

Whether this is some television or league necessity isn't really relevant. The point is, would any other sport do this? Heck no. So why is the NHL letting/doing this? Certainly the excuse can't be made that it's to help hype the sport in the week up until it starts? This isn't like the Super Bowl where you have a week off before it starts. The Super Bowl is a one shot game, winner take all, and hey.. guess what? When the football season starts they already know when their championship game is.

So, whateveh...

Tomorrow, Pens and 'Canes.... storm warning has been canceled!!


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