Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4th time is the right time...hopefully

Then again, nothing is set in stone.

After dropping the first three meetings between divisional neighbor, the New Jersey Devils, the Penguins have to hope going into the Devils arena will at the very least give them some sort of momentum, motivation, just... something.

Because after last nights performance (or lack there of) they sure need to do something to change the pace of things.

Losing to the Maple Leafs was aggravating enough in itself, but to have the next contest, last nights game against the Sabres, go down the tubes after starting off with a 3-0 lead was mind blowing. I've not been that irritated with a game in a while, thankfully those games don't happen to often or my blood pressure wouldn't take it.

"We worked pretty hard and probably deserved better." - Sidney Crosby. Probably, but fact is, you can't blow a lead like 3-0 and turn around the next night and take on another of the Eastern conference's best teams, the one you're also trying to get games up on in your own division.

So last night we need to put behind us, and concentrate on tonight. The Devil's mind numbing, neutral zone trap is boring to watch, as well as it is difficult to score against, so the Pens need to bring it and bring it big. Heading into Tuesday’s games, only the Chicago Blackhawks allowed fewer goals (79) than the 81 surrendered by the Devils.

Johnson is probably going to be in net tonight, and of course Brodeur will most likely be at the other end.

C'mon Penguin's.... take out the new year with a big bang and show the Devil's whose the best in the East!


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marosia said...

It will be great to watch New Jersey Devils, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.