Monday, December 7, 2009

Carolina in the 'Burgh

After a rough, hard knocks kinda game on Saturday against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Penguins get a slight reprieve tonight when the Carolina Hurricanes come into the Mellon Arena.

Not to say they should be taken lightly, mind you... but they have not broken into double digits in the win column yet. (they have only 6)

The Chicago game was a great game, despite the Pens losing. A showcase for the goaltenders, that much was certain. Things got a bit snarky as time went along. Still waiting (and it'll probably be futile) for Duncan Keith to get suspended for that ridiculous elbow to the head on Matt Cooke. The hit was clearly a retaliatory move after Cooke had given Duncan a clean hit on the other end of the ice. (though one Hawks fan disagreed heartily with me that Cooke's hit was clean... interesting)

Losing to the Blackhawk's in OT was tolerable, considering the pace of the game. I still think it would have been a totally different game had Sid been in to take the face offs and of course, score some goalage.

So tonight it's Carolina, should be an interesting contest, though not a sure thing as I said previously. Teams that sit in last place of your conference have a sneaky way of doing some mighty strange things. Let's face it, what do they have to lose at this point of the game. They suck worse than some back alley hooker. .... Did I just say that? Guess I did... Hey, this isn't the kindergarden blog ffs.

Seriously though, the beat the Canuks Saturday night... just sayin'.

Before I call it a post, I must mention the great delight I took Friday of hearing of the Flyer's misfortune. Firing your coach, and picking up a replacement, only to take the tail pipe (and badly at that) his first night out. Couldn't happen to a better bunch of goons if you ask me.

For a team some touted as going to the finals this season, they look good on paper, but they've not shown one glimmer of greatness. A 500 record doesn't necessarily ooze Cup worthiness.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention on Saturday... fabulous pregame ceremony put on by the Montreal Canadians on Friday night to celebrate their 100th anniversary. It was great seeing all those old players getting honored. Two thumbs up to the bleu, blanc, and rouge! (hope I got that right!)

Anyhow, time to get this hockey show on the road. Sidney Crosby and his much talked about groin are in the lineup tonight.. you just gotta love that!