Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If this looks familiar...

It's probably because you were paying attention 10 days ago when the Penguins took on the Buffalo Sabres, in Buffalo. That outcome, a 2-1 shootout win for the Pens, in a hard fought contest.

Before that game the Pens were coming into HSBC Arena with four straight wins under their belts, two of which were against the dreaded Flyers, so sure they were on a bit of an upswing at that point. Tonight, well... maybe not so much so.

You can debate the being at home over the holidays scenario, is it good, is it bad, does a player get distracted by things? Who really knows, and frankly, these guys are professionals, and as such they should know they need to focus on their job. So my opinion, man up and do it and not use as an excuse for sucking.

Oh, speaking of sucking. That 1-2 home stand before heading into Buffalo tonight wasn't exactly the thing Christmas dreams are made of. I mean, taking a beat down from Toronto? Geez...

And before getting to comfortable, take into consideration that after we play the Buffaslugs tonight, we go into New Jersey tomorrow night to take on the Devils. And that 1-2 home stand? One of those losses were to the Devils.

Then there is the whole Ryan Miller, best in the NHL right now thing... not to mention that Brodeur dude.

So, what are the Penguins supposed to do to fix this little bit of unevenness in their performance?

Mostly stupid penalties that are happening really need to stop. Superstar (no offense Max) Evgeni Malkin has looked terrible so far this year. He is certainly not living up to being last seasons scoring title winner. Not to mention the ridiculous penalties he's been taking. There have been a couple instances this season where one of his penalties has resulted in the other team scoring. His typical offense is, of all things, hooking.

He is third on the team in penalty minutes with 52.

Quick to come to his defense, Coach Bylsma says, often Malkin loses the puck and, in trying to regain possession, fouls an opponent.

One bit of good news for tonights game is that defenseman Mark Eaton will return to tonights lineup after getting hit by the Sabres Mike Grier in the last meeting between the two teams.

No word if Marc Andre Fleury or Brent Johnson will be in net tonight, but as stated before, expect Miller this time for the Sabres.

All in all the Penguins need to regain their focus, and maybe this road trip can help them do that. Because after tomorrow night in New Jersey it's off to Florida for some weekend games.

Game time in about 30 minutes, so let's get it going!!!


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Nice blog.....but Go Sabres :)