Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stepping up

Tonight the Pens need to step up, or out of what ever funk they are in.

Being the defending Stanley Cup champions aside, there are certain members of this squad that almost look better suited for playing down with the Baby Pens in the AHL. And dare I say it, but Evgeni Malkin has shown little or no peeks at his true brilliance. I mean, he won the scoring title last season, yet as that saying goes... What have you done for me lately? Zilcho!

Coach Bylsma is going to make a game time decision if Fleury will sit out tonight and Brent Johnson will go into goal. Not a bad idea if you ask me. MAF has looked good, but the schedule being what it is this year, why burn him out now?

Same goes with Chris Kunitz. And geez, what is wrong with him anyway? It's been like the mysterious illness, no one has hinted, suggested, said anything about what is going on with him.

Florida beat (of all teams) the New Jersey Devils last night. So it's obvious they are not going to roll over and play dead any time soon. Vokoun is not a slouch by no means, but his team has shown they can pick it up if need be.

And basicly that's just what the Pens need to do... pick it up, and play the game they are more than capable of playing. They showed glimpses of their brilliance against Montreal the other night, but they are so much better than that.

In the immortal words of those famous guys at the Pensblog... Do it, Charlie!


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