Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just for lulz

Fun and amusing video with various NHL players talking about their sticks. Watch for the brief appearence of Penguins own, Sidney Crosby... discussing his 'knob'.

Catching up on game day

Honestly, I'm not one to procrastinate. Well, at least most of the time. But when things divert my attention in a couple different directions, I tend to lose focus. As you can guess, I do not multi task well, regardless of how hard I do try. This tends to set me up for epic fails. Case in point, hockey blog.

I have in my draft folder a post I started on Thursday about Weds. game against the Flames. Solid, solid game by the Penguins. Definitely a great win. Shame on me but my attention got pulled elsewhere and I didn't get to finish it. So there it sits, still unfinished. Then yesterday was just really nice outside and the end result is my car is nice and shiney. Ahh.. but I digress...

Let it be known though that I have not slacked off, not in the hockey department. Well.. blog posting aside, I've still kept myself up on what's up. My day would not be complete without scanning my fav hockey websites/blogs, or listening to XM's home ice, and catching at least one game that interests me if the Pens aren't playing.


That brings us to today. At 1pm the New York Rangers and the infamous Sean Avery come into the Mellon Arena. Like the Pens they are a team with a midterm replacement coach. Difference is, the Penguins have a better record with theirs than the NYR's do. Sweet.

The Rags are fresh off a loss Thursday night in a shootout to the Thrashers. I caught the tail end of this game, and heartily laughed my butt off when the Rangers lost. Guess in retrospect it's a good thing they did, with the Penguins sitting in 6th place in the Eastern conference, New York sits just one point behind them in 7th.

Today's game could be a big deal (but this time of year, aren't they all?) if the Penguins could win and get the 2 points, and then if they Flyers would lose tonight against the Islanders, the Pens could be back up in 5th place under Philly, and making it easier to try to pass them into that 4th place position. But, oh yeah... Carolina would also have to lose to the Devil's tonight as well. Hey, it's not to say this all could not happen!

I'm kind of glad the Pens game is at 1pm today so I can keep track of the other two games going on tonight. I'd be lying if I said this time of year when your team is in the push for the playoffs it's not nerve wracking. But you know what? I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy hockey all season long, but this time of year is just the best. Teams playing their best to make it to the first round towards claiming Lord Stanley's cup.

Mmmm... hockey, don't you just love it? :)




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Calgary in Pittsburgh


Tonight a rare appearance of the Calgary Flames in the 'Burgh. I'll admit to liking the Flames, I've been to the Saddledome in Calgary, but right now they are one of the hotter teams going in the west.

Fresh off their loss to the Flyers on Sunday, we can hope that the Penguins are ready for this.

The Flames have two powerful players in Jerome Iginla, and Mike Cammalleri. Not to say that Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby are slouches, but you know what I mean. Miikka Kiprusoff is also one of the better goalies in the NHL. So, this is probably not going to be a cushy game tonight.

Anyhow, I am behing with things, so hopefully tomorrows recap I can catch up!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Pens lose, but Flyers still suck


Ok, so it wasn't exactly a puddle of tears after yesterday's loss to the Flyers, but it may have been close. :P

I guess I was more frustrated at the total lack of disciplin. The big downer in the game was all the damn penaltys the Penguins took. But it was pretty much a given with the record they had going, eventually they were going to lose... but to the freakin' Flyers? *sigh*

Would be nice to get that fourth place in the East to guarantee a home ice advantage thru the playoffs, but that would mean getting past Philly, and losing to them yesterday just made that tougher. But! Onward and upwards Penguins fans, all is not lost....

Let's go Pens!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

The good, the bad, and the Flyers

Good news.. I think. Nothing official has been said yet on the Evgeni Malkin incident from Friday nights game against the LA Kings, where he hit Wayne Simmonds apparently in the head as he skated past. Though last night while watching the Montreal - Maple Leafs game, during intermission they discussed that Geno was just fined for his actions.

Like I said yesterday, I was pretty much figuring he'd get a game suspension, and probably derservingly so, but for him to just get fined, hey.. as a Penguins fan, coming into a very important game today against the Flyers, I'm not going to scoff at it. Pay up!

Yes, todays game is pretty important, both the Flyers and the Pens battling for fourth place in the Eastern conference, both of them currently sitting 4th and 5th respectively with 86 points.

If there is to be a 'bad' thing about today, the Pens are wearing their beautiful powder blue's today. Sad thing is their record when they wear those is less than spectacular. But it's not like I'm the only one who's noticed this trend. Gorgeous jerseys, we just don't win alot wearing them lol. However!! That will change!

Also bad. 12:30 game equals it being on NBC. Today the watcher will grow weary of Mike Milbury and Pierre McQuire's battle of words and lack of wits, or Doc Emmericks excitement at the slightest thing. Makes you almost yearn for the lame cheesieness of Steigy.

I'm pretty excited to be getting the game in the first place. Last year at this time I missed the last game between these two teams because of a funeral. As anxious as I get for games against the Flyers, I just want them over at the same time. Obviously with the two points in the Pens column.

An hour to game time... let's do this.. and do it big...


and just because it's Sunday...

And because it's the Flyers...


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dethroning the Kings

A unique Friday night game for the Penguins proved to be an easy win as well, taking out the LA Kings, 4-1. From the drop of the puck the Pens pretty much came out and dominated play.

Sidney Crosby's backhand goal in the first period was one of those you could watch on replay over and over, just amazing. He played a rather solid game throughout, but with the Pens taking so many penalties, it probably kept him in check and keeping him from scoring more.

Yes, the Penguins took way too many penalties last night, granted they killed them efficently enough, but this time of year you just can't keep doing that. However, that being said, they in essence just played a good solid game against a team that was probably tired from playing Boston the night before.

There was a down side to this game. From this afternoons Pittsburgh

Penguins center and NHL leading scorer Evgeni Malkin had a disciplinary hearing with the NHL by phone after the team's practice today at Southpointe.

The league is investigating Malkin's hit on Los Angeles winger Wayne Simmonds in the final minute of the Penguins' 4-1 win last night at Mellon Arena.

Any suspension handed down to Malkin would be expected before the Penguins' important Eastern Conference showdown with Philadelphia at home tomorrow afternoon. Malkin has not missed a game this season and tops the NHL with 104 points.

Malkin, carrying the puck over the Kings' blue line, threw a body check into the approaching Simmonds, whose head appeared to take the brunt of the hit. It prompted players from both teams to exchange words after the final buzzer.

Not good. With the Flyers coming to town tomorrow Geno needs to be on the ice. Granted it could be agrued that the NHL should not show prefered treatment to 'star' players, and frankly I couldn't agree more. If what he did was considered 'against the rules' suspend him for one game... whateveh. I guess it just chaps my butt this is gonna go down before the Philly game. Malkin's presence will be sorely missed if he doesn't play... so yeah, sure, as a Penguin's fan, I don't want him suspended, even though as a hockey fan I think it's deserved.

You be the judge...

Some highlights from last nights game...

Also noteworthy in the NHL......

How low with the Buffalo Sabres sink? They've lost 5 games in their last six and are sitting uneasily in 10th place in the east at 76 points where they are just not showing the flash and talent they did just 4 weeks ago. They should be playing better than what they are, granted they are without Ryan Miller, but they just are sitting wasting away further from at least the 8th place playoff spot. Read more HERE.

Would good old double J leave Russia for a return to the NHL? The rumor mill ran amuck a few weeks back after certain comments Jagr himself made about his love for playing Mario Lemieux. Supposedly a team that was trying to lure him back was the Edmonton Oilers. Now Jagr confirms said rumors. Though Jaromir says he'd never break his contract with his Russian team himself, but if two hockey clubs made an agreement?? Maybe? Puck Daddy has a good article on it HERE. has a few other NHL'ers reactions to Alex Ovechkin's 50 goal celebration the other night. HERE. Me personally, though it's not really a big deal I tend to think it's a little over the top. I've always been a huge fan of hockey, and even though I like and enjoy baseball and football, I don't want to see the class (if that's the right word for it) taken out of the sport of hockey.

If you're a superstar, which it's agreed Ovie is, everyone already knows it, you don't need to go the tactless route of basketball players hanging off the net after a slam dunk, or a footballer spiking the ball after a touchdown or doing some lame dance. As a hockey fan, do you want Ovechkin to pull out a sharpie aka Terrell Owens and sign his puck? I don't.

So celebrate and feel good for yourself and your teammates, go for it. But this is starting to push into an area that just isn't a part of hockey. Heck, even Mike Green thought it wasn't cool, as did coach Bruce Boudreau. Who cares what Don Cherry thinks, we already know... and as entertaining as it is to watch Cherry get hyper and strain the seams of his tacky suits, he'll blow a gasket on this.

All for now, tomorrow it's the f***ing Flyers......


Friday, March 20, 2009

Cooperation blog... finally


So my little recap of the Atlanta game on Weds. went by the way side as yet again my ISP and or computer/the lining up of the planets/ the wind/ what color undies I had on/ or something kept me from getting IE to want to load for me fully, to be able to write anything. Then yesterday I had other things going on... so.. yeah, here I am now.

The game with the Thrashers was a good win for team moral as well as points. Enough of that sharing points garbage! But, a win is a win, is a win, and we shall take every single one we can get our inarticulate little penguin flippers on!

Tonight the LA Kings come into Pittsburgh fresh off a win against the Boston Bruins. (and what's up with them? In the midst of self destructing or what? Yeah, they'll cruise into the playoffs, but they are sucking pretty bad right now, as well as Montreal). Right now the Kings are fighting for their playoff lives.

With that said, it's a hockey night in Pittsburgh!!



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Atlanta in the 'Burgh

Ok, this is gonna be brief, my sagging ISP is not letting internet explorer do to much and this window was one that finally loaded after a few minutes, so I'm not taking my chances by hanging on too long. Note to self: send SBC more money for that hamster that makes the server work.

The Penguins amazing win on Sunday against the Boston Bruin's was definitely a major boost to the team. However, Atlanta last night soundly beat the Capitals, so again, this is another one of those teams with nothing to lose that the Pens need to beat to keep gaining some ground on the teams below us.

So, it's on in the 'Burgh tonight. Let's keep this winning thing going shall we? And I'll try to turn a blind eye to any green jerseys I see on tv tonight. :P


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bruins at the Mellon

This afternoon one of the leagues best invades Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena. The Boston Bruins at 99 points atop the Eastern conference have a record of 45-16-9, and have the leagues tallest player in Zdeno Chara, hot shots Phil Kessel and Marc Savard, and oh yeah... that Mark Recchi guy, remember him?

Speaking of Phil Kessel, he reached the 30 goal mark yesterday during the B's game against the Isle's. But the game wasn't exactly a sure thing for the Bruins. Teams like the Islanders and yesterday's Ottawa Senators have nothing to lose (quite literally) in losing yet another game. They won't make the playoffs this year, and I think maybe in some cases you get a better performance out of players in these instances. Gone is the pressure to win, to gain a couple points here and there, or to keep your teams head above 8th place in the standings. Instead there is just the drive to hold your heads up and win games just for the sake of winning and occassionally being a spoiler.

Certainly the Bruins are a team to tangle with, but the last two weeks they've not been showing themselves to be the hot team they started out the season as.

Supposedly MAF will be rested today and alternate goalie Mathieu Garon will start in net. Prior to this start he has only started in one other game since he was acquired, that was against Toronto in a 5-4 loss. Though he did finish the last 27 minutes of the game against Washington Feb. 22nd, where the Pens lost. That said, Garon is 2-1-0 with a .972 save percentage and a shutout in three career games against Boston.

Quote of the day from Sergi Gonchar: “That power play is not there." No kidding, and it hasn't been all season. Must change... NOW. I'm sure the team looks at the calender at least occassionaly, and in case they haven't... Pssssssssssst... there is only 12 games counting today to change that. Might want to work on that pronto.

But yeah... Buffalo, Carolina, and Florida only got one point last night, and the Rangers lost. Ahhh, still in 6th place. Happy, happy, joy, joy!



Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's not easy being green

Last week I sent Empty Netter's Seth, this picture to ask his opinon on what he thought about these green St. Patrick's jerseys.


I pretty much already knew what his answer would be. His reaction..

"Not a big fan of any of it. Just like the pink women's jerseys. Those aren't the team's colors. Don't wear em."

I couldn't agree more. They were raffling off these autographed green jerseys at the Blue Jackets game Thursday night, as a fundraiser. I'm not even sure I'd want to win one of those. Like Seth, I tend to agree that only 'team' colors should be worn, and as cute as I think the ladies pink jerseys are, I'd never own one.

But green..... Yuck.

Of course, maybe it's that I have so little Irish in me that I'm not into it. But not likely. I'm a big fan of the Pens powder blues, despite our horrible showing when we wear them. However, it will always be the black and the gold for me. (or Vegas gold, whatever you wish to call it)

All this goes back to make a point. I'd been looking back thru Empty Netter's archives trying to find Seth's jersey foul bill of rights. Then imagine my surprise today when reading Puck Daddy, he had the link right there! Wee....

So here it is folks, if you've not read this before, make a point of it now. Jersey Foul Bill of Rights.

Read it. Know it. Follow it. Live it.

Or go buy a green jersey, Kermit.

One more point

Alright, that game was somewhat of a major letdown, in several respects.

Mostly because a team like the Ottawa Senators, we need to beat. Of course because of that whole playoffs thing and needing two points, but also because of the fact that as a Penguins fan we sort of have this more than mild dislike for the Sens. I mean, the last two years we've faced them in the first round of the playoffs, then there is also the fact I seriously hate that odious mustache on Daniel Alfredson's face. Ok, so that really has nothing to do with hockey... but, ick?

Sure, I can agree the Senators so called "pizza line" is probably one of the best in the league despite the teams horrible record this season. Heatley, Spezza, and Alfredson make a lethal combination.

Today's afternoon game started out strong, and the Pens seemingly had good intentions, but it sort of fell apart in the 3rd period. Yes, shocking, I know. And this just wasn't a game, in my opinion, that we could afford to lose since the Pens will be going up against the league leading Bruins. Here's to hoping they don't wear the powder blue's tomorrow.

But, for the fourth consecutive game the Pens went to a shootout, Crosby making the only goal for the Penguins (a nice five hole shot!), however Ottawa got 2 in from Alfredson and new Sen, Mike Commrie. Game over, Senators 4, Penguins 3. Bleh.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trip to Columbus

First off, let me share some photos from our trip to Columbus last night to see the Pens take on the Blue Jackets.

Nationwide Arena..


Who we're here to see..


This picture does it no justice, but I didn't want to climb up from my seat 4 rows from the glass back up, but there is only a few fans standing by the Blue Jackets ramp out on to the ice, where as you couldn't get near the ramp for the Pens..


Jan Hejda of the Columbus Blue Jackets stretching and warming up..


Rookie goalie for Columbus, Steve Mason..


Ruslan Fedotenko..


Matt Cooke seemingly dozing off (but not really)..


A few pictures of Sidney Crosby..




My fav photo of the night, and my current desktop (the full size of this pic is much better!)..


The trip down I-71 went rather smoothly, but we come to realize that we may still actually live closer to Mellon Arena than to Nationwide. Living in Ohio, yet closer to Pittsburgh. Irony... we has it.

My husband and I got our usual approving looks for the liscense plate on the car... 87Pens... of course only from fellow Penguins fans. And speaking of Pens fans, they were everywhere and anywhere in the area surrounding the arena. One didn't have to try to find one, the loyal of Pittsburgh found their way to Columbus in mass. The resturant we had dinner in was jammed with black and vegas gold, and powder blue jerseys, tshirts, hats... you name it. It almost felt like a home game!

I will give the city of Columbus major kudos, this arena is beautiful, inside and out, as well the general area surrounding it. Lots of places to eat, get drinks, whatever. Even places to sit while you wait to get in.

There was only one thing I did not care for and that was their jumbotron. It looks fine, but I didn't care for how they don't list the current penalties, and shots on goal under the current score. It was sort of on the corner of the thing. Just seemed weirdish. But, hey... it wasn't -that- big of a deal.

After waiting for Pat Burns to finish talking more about himself than the award for Ken Hitchcock that was being given out during the pregame, everything finally started.

Add to all of this the first time ever that the Nationwide arena was packed to over 19,000 for a hockey game. I hate to say it like this, but you need to thank the fans of the Penguins for that one. Sure, the cities are close, but who is the more loyal fan? The local one, or the many in numbers that travel 2 hours plus to see their beloved team? You tell me.

The Penguins came out hard hitting in the first period. We were sitting at the end where Pittsburgh would score at twice, and the Pens were in our end alot that first period. I had enough fellow 'Yinz around me, but I had a CBJ season ticket holder sitting next to me who was a little bit more than irritating. Mostly cuz he leaned forward in his seat making me, then my husband have to lean out to see for ourselves what was happening in the other end.

Kristian Huselius scoring the Jackets first goal almost midway thru the first period got the crowd (both sides) a little fired up, but more would come later little did they know. At the end of the period Sid goes full tilt into the net behind Mason losing his helmet... he looks pissed and drops the f bomb.

There were a few questionable calls by the refs, but the Pens took too many penalties that first period. Otherwise they looked good.

By the way... I seriously dislike Mike Commodore and is obnoxious fluffy redhair. I keep getting visuals of him in his underware laying on a bed with money. If you are curious.. and brave.. click HERE to see why I say that. You've been warned.

Essentially the Penguins played a horrible second period. What went well during the first collapsed in the second. With 3 minutes left in the period, Columbus scores again, that goal was a bad give away by Fluery.

With the start of the third came another Blue Jackets goal, that one hurt. I pictured myself on some random blog with the words 'stunned' below my picture. Never the one to count my team out, I knew we'd not get shut out or completely denied. Boy.. was I ever so right.

Malkin was assested what I thought was a BS penalty for roughing Mason. And oddly after that is when the tide changed for the Pens. What came then was typical cardiac inducing hockey drama. The Penguins scored three goals in 3:25 to tie it up. First Gonchar, then Dupuis (about damn time), and then Talbot all hitting the net.

I was getting quite obnoxious with my screaming, especially after that third one by Max. (My fav... show that rookie how you do it!! (Mason) )And after that goal, the Penguins still kept pushing hard and not giving up. They had the Jackets on the run. The energy you could feel in that place was unreal.

It goes into OT. Ugh. And I'm seriously disliking this little dude next to me. I want the Pens to win and shut his obnoxious jittering self up. Ooops... shootout.

I had visions of the last shootout the Pens participated in. Sadly it was not to be, Letang, Crosby, and Malkin all got denied by Mason, giving the CBJ's the two points. Mason is the real deal and a solid goaltender. Let's hope his future is bright in the NHL. Seems another rookie goaltender last year had a similair year, and look where Montreal's Price is now.. not looking so hot. Anyway, that's another story.

Aside from getting tripped in the crowd on the way out of the arena and that schmuck in the seat next to me, our experience was great. And what an awesome game to catch in person?? With only a couple exceptions, Columbus's fans were cool and tolerated us Penguin lovers within their midst in such a large drove.

Oh.. and did I mention who I saw in Starbucks prior to the entering the arena? None other than Sidney Crosby's dad and family. He was sitting not more than 10 feet from our table.

Anyhow, it's getting late, and the Pens are now have a nice home game stretch coming up. Tomorrow afternoon it's the Sens. Gawd, I do love hockey......


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pens tame the Panters, again


Seventh heaven, indeed.

The Penguins win last night in the shootout against the Florida Panthers extended their winning streak to 7, and moved them up into 6th place in the Eastern Conference. Can you hear me being giddy?? I am.

What would make me happier still, is to win tomorrow in Columbus, so I can say eight is great. Not neccesarily to be cheesie, but I'm going to that game, and of course when you go see your team live you want them to win!

So far so good, it feels more comfortable to be in a 6th place spot than and 8th in the standings. Here is to hoping for better things to come....

Tomorrow.. on the road to the state capital, and seeing my Penguins!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Panthers in the Burgh tonight!

A very, very important game and two points tonight for the 6 game winning streak Penguins. Depending on the outcome of this game we could be really happy or maybe moping around tomorrow.

We took on and beat Florida less than a week ago... surely we can do it again, and at home!

Bad news is Petr Sykora is still out of the line up, but I'm sure we can make do. Game time in less than an hour!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Pens win... Alex, who?


Of course it's been said a thousand times over that the remaining games in the Penguin's schedule are important, but none more so than yesterday's against the Washington Capitals.

The Caps have never swept their season series against the Pens, and certainly we didn't want that to start yesterday. And the Penguins were all too willing to keep it that way too.

The team came out hard and fast, you could tell right off this game was gonna be intense. And it didn't disappoint in that respect. In the first period the Caps had several good chances with power plays and was unable to score, which means at least the Pens PK has done their job. But dang, they took too many penalties in the first place.

I could have reached thru my tv and choked Kris Letang when he turned that puck over from behind the net the led to Semin scoring. That is not the first time this season Letang has pulled that same move. Gotta stop that bud.

Let is be said I love those hard shots Sergi Gonchar launches at the net, they are amazing.

New guy Bill Gurien (why do I have to keep looking how to spell his name?? ugh) also scored, making Ray Shero look like a genius for this trade .... so far ;)

The thir period started out scary. I mean, make you nervous, omg I want this game to be over now, scary. The Capitals scored twice within 49 seconds shortly after the period started. Up to that point Fleury had looked great, but after that we (as was him I'm sure) was flustered. The rest of the period went on with no more goals, and it went to over time tied 3-3.

5 minutes of pull your hair out hockey led to the shoot out. And as has happened several times in his Penguins career, Sidney Crosby came out and saved the day, getting the game winning goal, being the only player to score in the shoot out. Yay Sid... take that you nay sayers. With a goal in the first and the one in the SO, I thought to myself... Alex, who?

In the end Fleury did his thing as well and is starting to show his Stanley Cup playoff form of last year, and it's about darn time too.

Now we're still snug in 8th place with 76 points, tied with the Rangers and Florida, and one point behind Montreal who has 77. Next game is at home tomorrow with the Panthers. I'm looking forward to Thursdays game in Columbus which I will be at... gawd I'm soooooooooo excited to finally get to see my team play this year, and not just practice.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's keep it going

This winning thing is addictive, isn't it? Sure beats the hell out of losing, that much is for sure.

After a very exciting 4-1 win over the Florida Panthers on Thursday, this afternoon the Penguins go into our nations capital to take on the Washington Capitatls. There is some guy named Ovechkin that plays there... hmm... maybe you've heard of him, I dunno.

From this mornings TRIB REVIEW:

Interaction between Crosby and Capitals left wing Alexander Ovechkin figures to be a lot less friendly around 3 p.m. today.

The Penguins and Capitals play a fourth and final regular-season game at Verizon Center, and the game can't come soon enough for Crosby, who remains agitated by Ovechkin's actions in a 5-2 Washington victory Feb. 22.

Ovechkin scored a goal in that game. However, Crosby said yesterday "little things" from Ovechkin in that game "are just things you don't do."

After the Feb. 22 game and the next day, Crosby was critical of Ovechkin for taunting and taking runs at Penguins players. Yesterday, Crosby chided Ovechkin for "pointing" at the Penguins' bench and said of Ovechkin's behavior "it doesn't matter."

Thankfully, Sergi Gonchar will be back in the lineup for this after missing the last game to be with his wife at the birth of their second child. Congrats. However Petr Sykora will be out with an upper body injury and his place on Malkin's line will be filled by Pascal Dupuis.

The Caps have never swept a series between themselves and the Penguins, so we can only hope that this will not be the start of that. As Washington leads the season series 3-0.

Also of note, the Pens barely have slid back into 9th place in the East due to wins yesterday by Carolina and Florida. Sabres, happily, lost again. But if the Penguins win today they are back up there in the thick of things again as they are only one point back.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

News and noteables...

Ok, so I just hit publish on my game day post, and I go to the Pens website looking for something else when....

Yes..... Sidney Crosby is playing tonight! That makes me happy! Happier still and hoping that he'll stay healthy and play well and be in Columbus next Thursday night when I go to see my beloved Penguins!! :D

I meant to mention this in my other post, but I heard this morning on XM's Home Ice, and looked over on TSN and found it there....

The AHL affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Norfolk Admirals, have suspended former Flyer Steve Downie for 20 games for slashing an official with his stick. Wow... what a classless individual he keeps proving himself to be.

You can read more about it HERE.

Also from TSN...

Despite taking a puck off the foot in practice Wednesday and not taking the morning skate today, head coach Bruce Boudreau expects to have Alexander Ovechkin in the lineup when the Washington Capitals play host to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Is it just me, or have the Capitals been really sucking the tailpipe lately?? Well, if that's the case, let's hope they still are playing below their capacity on Sunday when the Penguins get there...

Until game time...


Florida part deux

Ok.. no images in todays post because my ISP is being a rat bastard and is having a heck of a time just loading IE pages. So, ugh... sucks.

Anyhow, the Pens hope to keep moving along with their winning ways as they go into the Panthers Bank Atlantic Center with the win against Tampa Bay fresh on their minds. So far Florida is in 6th place in the East with the Penguins hanging on there in 8th.

The Penguins last game against Florida didn't go to well... and yeah, we're not going to talk about it, lol. Suffice to say things are a bit different now with the new coach and some new blood on the team. Better results are anticipated for this evening :)

It's unclear as of yet what tonight's lines will be and where Bill Guerin will fit in.

But! We are optimistic as always!! :D


The Day After

All yesterdays hustle and bustle over the trade deadline ended at 3pm. Sure there was no major deal that made you go.. OH MY GAWD!... like last years Hossa to Pittsburgh deal. Hey, and we all know how that ended. Don't even get me started on that...

In all there were 22 deals made between various teams.

As far as the Penguins are concerned, I guess once Sidney Crosby is back active and playing it will show what worth (if any) Bill Guerin will be to them. Sure he's top 2 line material, but let's face it folks, his best days are behind him. Things didn't work for him while he was briefly in San Jose, and his time on the Isle was alright. But I guess he can't be any worse then that other Islander reject, Miroslav Satan... who by the way, got sent to the AHL.

As much as Satan had become my whipping boy as of late, that is still quite a come down for a veteran player in the NHL, but Ray Shero commented that the move was made to make room for Guerin, which.. yeah, understandable. But no one came biting for him when he was put on waivers, so the chances of someone suddenly wanting him now are pretty much slim and none.

One trade that really made me scratch my head was the one with Mark Recchi going to Boston. I'll give the old Recchin' ball his props, in his day he was a decent player, but he has slowed down alot. And frankly, who does Boston displace to put him in the lineup??? Whatever... he's yours now, I'm just happy the Pens didn't try to give him a third go round.

Best trades of the day were the ones for the Calgary Flames. Getting Leopold and Jokinen will help them get a better chance at taking the west.

Anyhow, that's all I'm going to go on about for this year. Trade deadline is fun albeit hectic to keep track of... but, I guess that's why it's fun. Sure some may think I'm weird, fanatical... but I just have so much passion for this sport. It's the greatest game on ice!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4th trade deadline


The day has just started, and a few things have already gone down, but nothing yet Penguins related. Time usually tells with these things, seemingly everyone holds out until the 3pm deadline.

The Pens acquisition of Chris Kunitz already has paid off for them, so who knows if anyone else will come/depart the Penguins.

Already gone down is Columbus sending Pascal LeClaire to Ottawa for Antoine Vermette, and Buffalo has signed often injured Tim Connolly to a 2 year deal.

News from TSN is that Chris Pronger has been taken off the trade block. Surprising? Just a little as that's all that alot of the trade talk has been the last 2 weeks.

I'll be doing my best to keep track of things, guessing the rest of my day will be spent listening to NHL on XM.

**UPDATE** 12:45pm

Martin Gerber picked up by the TML's... *snicker*

Jordon Leopold to the Flames from the Avs.... ify move?

Mikael Tellqvist from the Phoenix Coyotes to the Buffaslugs... Ryan Miller's status is maybe questionable for the rest of the season?

The Calgary Flames acquired Olli Jokinen from the Phoenix Coyotes

On a Penguins related note:

Penguins claimed forward Craig Adams off waivers from the Chicago Blackhawks... must investigate this one...

The Penguins acquire a defenseman, Andy Wozniewski, from the St. Louis Blues, sending them one of the WBS Baby Pens Danny Richmond... again.. must investigate this one.

Nothing more earth shattering as of yet for the Pens....

**UPDATE** 1:30pm

Mark Recchi goes from Tampa Bay to the Boston Bruins...... wtf? LOL!!!

**UPDATE** 2:10pm

PENGUINS acquire Bill Guiern from the New York Islanders for a conditional pick.... well crap, this guy's trade rumors have been going on now for a week, and who'd have thought (or wanted) him to come to the Pens...

Pens win in Tampa


Yay... a 3-1 win over the Lightning in Tampa, that keeps the Pens in 8th place right now, tied with the New York Rangers... and we're not 7th only because we have two more losses then they do right now, but one more win... go figure.

New guy Chris Kunitz added to his appeal in a Penguins uniform by score two goals out of the 3 last night, and Matt Cooke gave the team the other one. Fleury also did well, he had several key saves.

Somewhat missing in action last night was Evgeni Malkin, not sure what was up with that. He was playing almost the same as he did in Chicago the other night, as in that you barely knew he was there. Ah well, the end result is what matters, let's just hope that Geno gets an adreniline shot or something :P

Good job Penguins, let's keep this winning thing going as we move on to play the Panthers Thursday night!!

Oh, and in case anyone forgot, you were rudely reminded last night that watching games on Versus not only sucks, but sometimes is just painful to listen. :P

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taking it to Florida


After a big, resounding win in Dallas on Sunday, the Pens are now in the sunshine state of Florida for a game tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, then the Panthers on Thurday.

Tonight's game is on Versus... so, uhm... yeah, the suck. But, it's got to be better than last nights choice on VS, the Av's against the Islanders... snore city.

Granted the Lightning are in 13th place in the East, but they've also handed the Pens their hats in that game right before Christmas, and then the last one the Pens won in OT, and that was close at that. Sooooo... what lesson have we learned here? (if any?) Not to take these crappy teams for granted. Yes, teams like the Penguins should easily win against teams like Tampa Bay, Toronto, and the Islanders. But, sometimes.. meh.. it just doesn't happen.

Let's change that, okay?

It goes without saying all these games are important, and having the leagues leading scorer on your team has to account for something. Oh yeah... then there is that Sidney Crosby guy. Who, by the way will not be playing tonight again. Good move, we need to get him healthy and able to play when it is really going to matter. Just strange the Penguins have won the last 3 games he's not played in....

Speaking of El Sid... one of my not so favorite sports writers, Bob Smizik writes a blog article about the idea of trading Crosby. Read it HERE, then go find a barf bucket. Please... what's the point of speculating such a thing? The line that made me cackle the most was this at the end:

Such a deal is fun to discuss, but should not be seriously considered. The fact Crosby is the face of the league is all the more reason to keep him, not trade him.

His and the teams performance is what it is. You can twist and manipulate stats all you want to fit your needs, but Crosby is still one of the elite in todays NHL, and only time will tell how the record books will record his talents.


Also noteable in the NHL...

So this stuff doesn't directly affect the Penguins, but the fact that it could makes it worth mentioning.

Buffalo's Thomas Vanek is cleared and ready to rejoin the Sabres after missing the last 9 games with a broken jaw. Out of those 9 games, the Buffaslugs have only won 3... keep up the good work as far as I'm concerned :)

The Rangers claimed forward Sean Avery on re-entry waivers from Dallas today, makes me wanna gag. I liked it better when this jerk was in the West and I didn't have to see him play. New coach for the Rangers, John Tortorella has made statements in the past to not caring for Avery, so you know there will be some friction there, guranteed. I don't even give Avery to the end of the season before he screws up again.

Ain't to proud to beg?

To that end, Roberts is making it known to all and sundry that he is open to a move out of the Tampa Bay Lightning circus to a new big top, one with a chance to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs. There are no complicating issues with no-trade clauses this time around, no misgivings about where or to whom he might go.
"Put out the word," Roberts said.

Consider it done.

More close to home, and directly related to the Penguins, they've put Miroslav Satan on waivers. If you ask me, good move, this guy has done next to nothing production wise and in some instances he seems more or less to bog down the line he's on. He's gone from the top line to the bottom and the results have been the same, subpar. He has 17 goals and 19 assists in 64 games, definitely nothing to write home about.

One decent thing however, Bill Thomas cleared waivers and will stay with the Pens. Hey, he's nothing spectacular, but he's better than the aforementioned Satan in my book.

With that said... game time is in a few short hours...



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pens in the big D

Sunday games are kinda cool. Granted they stink when they start at 12:30pm, but is it worse to wait until 3pm? Who knows, I'm just glad to watch a game on a day where there is nothing else majorly happening.

After a nice win Friday night in Chicago, the Penguins go into Dallas with a little momentum behind them. It's assumed Marc Andre Fleury will start in net, as will the Stars, Marty Turco. To make a rather unflattering comparison between the two goalies, their stats are quite similar (and not so good). MAF is 23-16-4, 2.90 GAA, .908 SV%, while Turco is 28-23-7, 2.80 GAA, .897 SV%. Definitely not in the NHL's elite, and both goalies did extremely well in last seasons playoffs, so it's anyones guess why this year has not been 'their year'.

It remains to be seen if Sidney Crosby will be playing today or not, with his sore groin. I told my husband even before Chicago's game that I bet he doesn't play until they go into Tampa Bay on Tuesday night. Only because these games are against Western Conference teams, but that's my opinion... for what it's worse.

Also it's not known the status of Tyler Kennedy or Petr Sykora. Is it even possible for the majority of this team to be healthy all at once?

Anyhow, the points race is tightening up, despite the Penguins still being stuck in 10th place in the East. I thank the Sabres and Hurricanes for sucking last night, it's much appreciated, boys.


Essentially the Pens are only one point out, but it's a bit more detailed than that. 2 points today would go a long way, very long way. So time to get it done!!!