Friday, July 17, 2009

Your day with the cup

One of the greatest spoils that comes with winning the Stanley Cup is that everyone on the team, from the number one star, down to the teams trainers, get to have their own personal 24 hours with the great cup. Tell me, what other sport does that?

And when it gets right down to it, what other sports trophy is as awesome in stature as Lord Stanley's? Call me biases, but I say none.

As young hockey players, it's every kids dream to one day hoist the cup in front of a cheering crowd, to have their moment of superstar status with their fellow team mates, to skate across the ice holding it aloft and basking in one of the greatest feats in sports.

But how many kids ever ponder what they would do on their day with the cup? Probably some, as they get older don't even allow themselves to think about it, as supersticious as so many hockey players are, they will not even touch the cup until they have actually won it for themselves.

I have been thinking on this topic for 2 weeks or so now, while in the back of my mind trying to decide what I would do with it, being the supreme hockey freak that I am, although not an actual player. Then oddly enough, the awesome guys at the Pensblog, I was over there today and saw where they posted the link to the Hockey Hall of Fame's journal of the Cups journey this summer with each player.

You can find it HERE.

It's not been too many places yet, so it's easy to play catch up.

But, back to what I'd do with it.

Many a drink has been sipped, chugged, glugged, and drank from the Stanely Cup, so that choice is out. Lot's of kids have eaten Cherrio's and other cereal from it (Philippe Boucher's daughter had Fruit Loops, great choice btw) and ice cream.

Lot's of dad's have had their infant children craddled within the top of it (again I must go back and mention how Kris Drapier's kid did a number 2 in it... yuck), older kids posed around it with the rest of the family, and taken it back to where they first played hockey.

The Cup has seen some pretty impressive heights (not to mention the depths of Mario Lemieux's swimming pool) in airplanes, helicopters, and floated on many a boat. So to come up with something unique would be difficult.

Myself, I guess... as with alot of players, I'd share it with my family and friends, though nothing on a grand scale, I'd want to keep it small and intimate. Maybe take it for a ride in a convertable sports car, racing down the interstate, the wind in my hair, some good tunes on the radio, and the sun gleaming off the cup as it sits looking cool in the seat beside me.

So, as you can see, I've not come up with anything too impressive. What can I say, I'm only a devoted fan, not an actual player, though I like to think I have a rather lively imagination. Who knows, maybe if I actually had the chance to have a day with it, maybe I could be a tad bit more creative in my choice of what to do with it, lol.

Question now remains... what would you do on your day with the Stanley Cup?

Summer with Stanley... isn't it grand?

*As a side note.... A faster internet connection (finally), a brand new lightning fast computer... nothing can stop me now. Well, with the exception of getting some things transfered from the old computer to the new one, but that shall come. I'm totally missing my folder of hockey links, but they are thankfully saved on a website, and this weekend I plan to transer them over to this machine.

Friday, July 10, 2009

PENS ALERT: Pens sign D Jay McKee. STATS: 31yo, 6-3, 199lbs. 1G 7A 8PTS 44PIM in 69 games with Blues last year.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Talbot out 4-5 months with shoulder surgery

TSN: "PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Penguins forward Maxime Talbot underwent surgery to repair the torn labrum in his left shoulder Tuesday, and his recovery is expected to take four to five months.

The 25-year-old, who scored both goals in Pittsburgh's 2-1 victory over Detroit in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, had played through the injury 'for quite a while' according to GM Ray Shero.

'We all agreed it was best for him to have the surgery at this time,' Shero said in a release. 'Although he will miss training camp and the start of the season, the doctors expect him to make a complete recovery.'

Talbot has appeared in 261 career games in the NHL, collecting 42 goals and 80 points."

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Minard to Edmonton - Penguins Insider - Community Server

Minard to Edmonton - Penguins Insider - Community Server

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Fitzgerald returns to Penguins front office - NHL - Yahoo! Sports

Fitzgerald returns to Penguins front office - NHL - Yahoo! Sports:

"PITTSBURGH (AP)—Tom Fitzgerald is returning to the Pittsburgh Penguins’ front office in the newly created position of assistant to general manager Ray Shero.
Fitzgerald, a former NHL player, was the team’s director of player personnel before becoming an assistant coach after Dan Bylsma replaced Michel Therrien as coach on Feb. 15. Since the Penguins won the Stanley Cup on June 12, Fitzgerald had been deciding whether to stay in coaching or return to the front office.

Dan MacKinnon will take over as director of player personnel, overseeing the team’s pro scouting.
Fitzgerald will be in charge of tracking prospects in junior hockey, college, Europe and the Penguins’ AHL affiliate in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Changing already

Three weeks ago today, the Penguins won the Stanley Cup, and everything was blissful and perfect in the Pens nation.

Now, the whole of what made up that championship team has already started to slowly dissolve. Not that it was unexpected, a couple guys.. well, it was a given someone was going to have to leave.

Most notable being defensive stalwart Rob Scuderi. Taking a deal worth $3.4 million a year for four years with the LA Kings. I've not always have been one of "the piece's" biggest fans, in years past he has been consistently inconsistent. This year however, he had a stellar season, and thru the playoffs was outstanding, even to the point he probably saved the Pens in game 6 thru his miraculous goalie like saves in front of Fluery and the net.

All that said, now the guy has the cup. Who is to say he'll have another great season that he had this year? Might as well go out and snag the cash while you can, you can't fault the guy for that. It's not like he didn't want to stay, he did, but in the age of the CBA, and the salary cap... the Pens just couldn't give him the money other teams could.

To that I wish him all the luck out there on the left coast.

Hal Gill was another one to part ways with the Pens. No more references to the USS Hal Gill, now he's off in Montreal with the Habs, his deal for 2 years... can't remember the $ amount on it.

I liked Gill, and he played his roll well, but was slow and sluggish at times. In this new and improved NHL, the forwards are fast, and you need the d men that can keep up as well. Sure you have Letang, but in an effort to make further cap space letting Gill go was as well understandable. We'll miss you Hal... every last inch of you.

All this saying goodbye hasn't been all for not. The Penguins get to keep Fedetenko! Resigned just today for one year with no financial terms released as of yet. Very good move. I get the impression Ruslan is one of those walk quietly and carry a big stick kinda guys, and it's rumored after that horrible Game 5 loss in the finals he gave a very uplifting speech to his teammates in the locker room. I for one am glad he's staying.

Still no word yet if Petr Sykora will be staying, the Pens have (I think) something like a little over $2 million in cap space left. Ray Shero on Sykora: "We will pick up talks next week".

That's all for now, be back Mondayish (if not sooner) to go over the new acquisitions and any trades! Have a happy/safe July 4th, and I want to add... a happy birthday to my husband, Robin on the 5th! :)

Sleeping with Stanley

If this isn't proof that all hockey players live, eat, breathe to get to the Stanley Cup and win it.... Question is, Sidney Crosby has won the Stanley Cup, what could he possibly be dreaming about while having it in bed with him? LOL!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A funny little story

As I've mentioned a few times of late, I've had problems with my internet connection. Well I got it fixed Monday and I was a happy camper. But in the process of fixing my DSL, the technician unwittingly disabled my caller ID.

You guessed it, another call to AT&T, and yet another service call. That was today.

The fella that showed up for this was a bit younger than the one who worked on my DSL, heck he was wearing a Tool shirt, so that outta say something about him. Polite and nice enough, with a quick look in my basement, he knew the problem.

He needed to come up to my computer room, and replace a wall jack that would allow for a plug for my phone line, and another for the DSL. That's fine. He follows me upstairs, and as soon as he steps into my computer room, he stops dead in his tracks, and says,"uhhh.. wow."

I turned and asked him, "Is something wrong?"

His reply, "Uhm, you're a Penguins fan?"

And if you have seen the pictures I've posted here on the blog before, you would know if you walk in this room it's damn obvious I'm a Pens fan.

I smile, and said, "Yes, can't you tell?"

Poor guy, just shook his head and told me he was from Michigan originally, and was a Red Wings fan. I literally laughed out loud, and said to him... "It must be really painful to be in this room then, huh?"

I'm not sure whether he was just trying to keep his professional demeanor or what, but he just shook his head and muttered, "Yeah, something like that".

After that he got to work and did his best to ignore the various Penguins items that stand out here in this room, not to mention the other less obvious ones.

Call me a sadist if you want, but I got a small bit of satisfaction in his obvious discomfort, lol. In the end despite his team of choice the guy was really nice, and hey... he got my caller ID working again!

Tomorrow, I'll go over the latest Penguins related trades since the start of free agency!
PENS ALERT: Pens sign winger Mike Rupp. RUPP: 6-5, 235lbs had 3G 6A 9PTS in 72 games with Devils in 08-09. *Pens Stanley Cup DVD on sale TUE.