Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pens fall to Devils 2-0. STARS: 3)N.BERGFORS 2)B.JOHNSON 1)M.BRODEUR. Next game SAT 3PM @Tampa Bay

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4th time is the right time...hopefully

Then again, nothing is set in stone.

After dropping the first three meetings between divisional neighbor, the New Jersey Devils, the Penguins have to hope going into the Devils arena will at the very least give them some sort of momentum, motivation, just... something.

Because after last nights performance (or lack there of) they sure need to do something to change the pace of things.

Losing to the Maple Leafs was aggravating enough in itself, but to have the next contest, last nights game against the Sabres, go down the tubes after starting off with a 3-0 lead was mind blowing. I've not been that irritated with a game in a while, thankfully those games don't happen to often or my blood pressure wouldn't take it.

"We worked pretty hard and probably deserved better." - Sidney Crosby. Probably, but fact is, you can't blow a lead like 3-0 and turn around the next night and take on another of the Eastern conference's best teams, the one you're also trying to get games up on in your own division.

So last night we need to put behind us, and concentrate on tonight. The Devil's mind numbing, neutral zone trap is boring to watch, as well as it is difficult to score against, so the Pens need to bring it and bring it big. Heading into Tuesday’s games, only the Chicago Blackhawks allowed fewer goals (79) than the 81 surrendered by the Devils.

Johnson is probably going to be in net tonight, and of course Brodeur will most likely be at the other end.

C'mon Penguin's.... take out the new year with a big bang and show the Devil's whose the best in the East!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If this looks familiar...

It's probably because you were paying attention 10 days ago when the Penguins took on the Buffalo Sabres, in Buffalo. That outcome, a 2-1 shootout win for the Pens, in a hard fought contest.

Before that game the Pens were coming into HSBC Arena with four straight wins under their belts, two of which were against the dreaded Flyers, so sure they were on a bit of an upswing at that point. Tonight, well... maybe not so much so.

You can debate the being at home over the holidays scenario, is it good, is it bad, does a player get distracted by things? Who really knows, and frankly, these guys are professionals, and as such they should know they need to focus on their job. So my opinion, man up and do it and not use as an excuse for sucking.

Oh, speaking of sucking. That 1-2 home stand before heading into Buffalo tonight wasn't exactly the thing Christmas dreams are made of. I mean, taking a beat down from Toronto? Geez...

And before getting to comfortable, take into consideration that after we play the Buffaslugs tonight, we go into New Jersey tomorrow night to take on the Devils. And that 1-2 home stand? One of those losses were to the Devils.

Then there is the whole Ryan Miller, best in the NHL right now thing... not to mention that Brodeur dude.

So, what are the Penguins supposed to do to fix this little bit of unevenness in their performance?

Mostly stupid penalties that are happening really need to stop. Superstar (no offense Max) Evgeni Malkin has looked terrible so far this year. He is certainly not living up to being last seasons scoring title winner. Not to mention the ridiculous penalties he's been taking. There have been a couple instances this season where one of his penalties has resulted in the other team scoring. His typical offense is, of all things, hooking.

He is third on the team in penalty minutes with 52.

Quick to come to his defense, Coach Bylsma says, often Malkin loses the puck and, in trying to regain possession, fouls an opponent.

One bit of good news for tonights game is that defenseman Mark Eaton will return to tonights lineup after getting hit by the Sabres Mike Grier in the last meeting between the two teams.

No word if Marc Andre Fleury or Brent Johnson will be in net tonight, but as stated before, expect Miller this time for the Sabres.

All in all the Penguins need to regain their focus, and maybe this road trip can help them do that. Because after tomorrow night in New Jersey it's off to Florida for some weekend games.

Game time in about 30 minutes, so let's get it going!!!


Sunday, December 27, 2009


Game day on Sunday

On a rare Sunday game, the Penguins take on the Toronto Maple Leafs for the second time this season, the first time at the Mellon Arena. The last meeting was in Toronto with the Pens snagging a 5-2 win on October 10th. Wow, does that seem like a long time ago or what?

It seems that head coach Dan Bylsma is going to keep the top line of Fedotenko-Crosby-Dupuis together for this game, and the second line of Kunitz-Malkin-Guerin the same as well. Hey, guess he goes by the theory, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

But are the Toronto Maple Leafs the same caliber of team as the Ottawa Senators?

Well, yes, and no.

As of today, Ottawa sits in sixth place in the Eastern conference and would qualify for a playoff spot, whereas the Leafs sit one spot above the basement in 14th, at least a respectable 10 points better than the Carolina Hurricanes.

Not to beat a dead horse, but these teams that are basement dwellers should never be taken lightly. Brian Burke's squad has nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking 2 points away from the Stanley Cup Champion Penguins.

With killer shots coming from Jason Blake who seemingly always finds a way to score against the Pens, and new team member Phil Kessel. Kessel who did quite respectable with the Bruins before crossing the border to join Toronto has gone without a goal in his last five games. One has to wonder why, but let's hope he doesn't hit his stride tonight against Pittsburgh.

The Pens power play hit a bit of a run against the Sens the other night, going 3 for 8, but I'm still not that overly impressed with it. And neither should you. Yet there is that fact that the Leafs have the worst penalty kill in the league... ahh, small favors indeed.

So game time in an hour, I'm loving this. On a day typically dominated by football in my house hold, finally my one true (sport) love will get the spotlight tonight, my Pens!


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pens fall to NJD 4-0. STARS: 3)P.ELIAS 2)Z.PARISE 1)M.BRODEUR. Brodeur sets NHL career shutout record w/104. Next game WED vs OTT.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas song to benefit Hockey Fights Cancer

the battle for first

Tonight the Penguin's take on the boring trap players, the New Jersey Devils, at home at 7:30pm

The Devils sit atop the Eastern conference in first place with 51 points, and the Pens have 51 points as well, only they've played two more games than New Jersey. So this will be a game about who gets the 2 points to claim first place.

It's also not to far fetched to think this could be an Eastern conference final preview... one never knows.

This is also going to be a battle of potential team Canada goalies.

FSN Pittsburgh just had a solid interview with Penguins GM Ray Shero. Love the show, Stan.



Saturday, December 19, 2009

FWD: PENS ALERT: Pens top Sabres 2-1(SO). GOAL: C.KUNITZ(4). M.FLEURY: 31 saves. STARS: 3)K.LETANG 2)P.LALIME 1)M.FLEURY. Next game MON vs NJD.

Taking on the Buffaslugs

On a snowy north east Ohio Saturday, waiting around for the puck to drop in Buffalo, I can't help but wonder what the weather is like up next to the great lakes, in a city that typically can get buried in the white stuff with little to no warning.

So, I check

Interestingly enough, it's just cloudy in Buffalo. Shame. But it is cold! So it's still good hockey weather!

Alright, enough of playing meterologist.

I'm more hockey knowledgeable anyway.

Tonight the Penguins invade the HSBC arena for the first meeting between these two teams this year. No word yet which jersey Buffalo will pull out. Personally I'm hoping for their retro 3rd jersey, and not the contemporary one that has the slug looking buffalo on the front.

Hey... you gotta look good to.. uhm... while we kick your ass?

Hopefully anyhow...

The Sabres were 2-1-1 last year against the Pens and all four games took place before Christmas. The last game was a 4-3 win for Pittsburgh in overtime with a controversial goal scored by Sidney Crosby.

Tonight the Sabres come into this game in 3rd place in the Eastern conference with 44 points, with the Penguins right behind them in 4th with 49 points.

Ryan Miller will be sitting out tonights game after winning at home against the Toronto Maple Leafs. In his place, former Penguin, Patrick Lalime. Giving Miller his due, he is probably the top goalie in the league right now, with several others hot on his heals, but Lalime needs to be given his respect as a veteran netminder as well, he's no rookie, and Pittsburgh would do well to keep that in mind tonight.

All that said, the last two seasons the Sabres did not make the post season at all. Last year argueably due to an injured Miller... but still...

Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy are two of Buffalo's hot scorers, so guaranteed they'll keep the Pittsburgh defense busy tonight.

Game time is less than an hour away, grab your blankie, stay warm, and get ready for some good old hockey!!!



Thursday, December 17, 2009

PENS ALERT: Pens top Flyers 3-2(SO). GOALS: B.GUERIN(9), S.CROSBY(22). STARS: 3)J.CARTER 2)M.FLEURY 1)K.LETANG. Next game SAT @BUF.

Pens - Flyers part deux


If you didn't have enough of the rock 'em sock 'em robots on Tuesday night, otherwise known as the Penguin's and Flyer's game, well my friend you're in luck, because they are going to go at it again tonight, this time in Philly.

With coach Bylsma playing with a full, healthy roster for the first time all season, it was disappointing to see Flyer mocker, Max Talbot get put as a healthy scratch. In the end it was alright, between Mike Rupp, Eric Goddard, and Craig Adams, they were more than willing to take on their role and matching up against a few Philly goons. 3 fights in 16 seconds... unreal.

"They're obviously not going to be happy with last game", Sidney Crosby

And if anyone is familiar with the ire of the Flyers home crowd, it'd be Sid. Since coming into the league at the ripe young age of 18, he was introduced to classless masses early on. From having his name chanted along with 'sucks', to getting a few teeth knocked out courtesy of Derian Hatcher.

But after the Penguins embarassed the Flyers 2 nights ago, it's a safe bet they'll be ready to go at it again tonight in front of their home crowd. It's that group goon mentality, yanno....

Bill Guerin has been cleared to play tonight after blocking a shot with his foot early in Tuesdays game.

Tonight the power play is going to have to do it's job. The Pens gave Philly six chances Tuesday night. Taking stupid penalties is something that the Penguins should just let the Flyers do, answer problems, don't instigate them.

Anyhow, game time is close at hand, less than a half hour away, and with that I shall leave you with this little gem... it always makes me smile...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


thanks for the memories

Seeing the Penguins play the Flyers live has been up there with some of my all time favorite hockey memories. Sure the hatred that goes between the two teams is legendary, and makes seeing them live all the more... explosive.

I've never gone into the belly of the beast, Philadelphia, to see a game. No, I like my extremities where they are thank you very much. Hey, a town that will boo Santa, and hire the likes of Michael Vick, not to mention cannibal Scott Hartnell, a Pens fan, even a female one, can't be safe.

So as I wait to find the game online somewhere, I was looking up some youtube's of past glory moments of the Pens taking on the goonery to the east side of Pennsylvania.

Of course, a new classic courtesy of Max Talbot... this will be legendary years from now...

I was at this game... and I hated Lindros with a passion. Keep your head up retard..

and another classic..



Monday, December 14, 2009

Commercial break

So tomorrow night Versus and Directv are going to punish me yet AGAIN by not letting me see my beloved Penguins. This highly irritates me more so than usual because they are taking on those bleepin' Flyers!

Gawd, how I do hate to miss a good beat down....

My only consolation at this point is that the Pens and Flyers are going to go at it again Thursday night.

Currently as I type I'm watching a preview of the Winter Classic on Center Ice between the goon squad playing the Bruins. We can only hope the losing ways of the Flyers continue and they are made more haggard by 3 games in 4 nights.

Couldn't happen to a better team.... *snicker*

All this brings me to the reason for this post. Every morning, Monday thru Friday after my husband leaves for work, I turn on the NHL Network to watch On the Fly to catch game recaps from the night before. Saturday and Sunday I just catch it sometime before noon.

Anyhow, this commercial for tomorrow nights game is just priceless. Evgeni Malkin absolutely makes it, and as much as I dislike Chris Pronger, his comment at the end has the perfect tone to it. It's good for some LOL's and adds to the hatred...

Gawd, I do love hockey...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

PENS top FLA 3-2 (OT). GOALS: P.DUPUIS(9) R.FEDOTENKO(5) E.MALKIN(9). STARS: 3)E.MALKIN 2)S.WEISS 1)R.FEDOTENKO. Next game vs Flyers, Tues 12/15.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stepping up

Tonight the Pens need to step up, or out of what ever funk they are in.

Being the defending Stanley Cup champions aside, there are certain members of this squad that almost look better suited for playing down with the Baby Pens in the AHL. And dare I say it, but Evgeni Malkin has shown little or no peeks at his true brilliance. I mean, he won the scoring title last season, yet as that saying goes... What have you done for me lately? Zilcho!

Coach Bylsma is going to make a game time decision if Fleury will sit out tonight and Brent Johnson will go into goal. Not a bad idea if you ask me. MAF has looked good, but the schedule being what it is this year, why burn him out now?

Same goes with Chris Kunitz. And geez, what is wrong with him anyway? It's been like the mysterious illness, no one has hinted, suggested, said anything about what is going on with him.

Florida beat (of all teams) the New Jersey Devils last night. So it's obvious they are not going to roll over and play dead any time soon. Vokoun is not a slouch by no means, but his team has shown they can pick it up if need be.

And basicly that's just what the Pens need to do... pick it up, and play the game they are more than capable of playing. They showed glimpses of their brilliance against Montreal the other night, but they are so much better than that.

In the immortal words of those famous guys at the Pensblog... Do it, Charlie!


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The tattoo

I've yet to mention here that back in the beginning of November I got the Pens logo tattoo'd on my inner left ankle.

Never thought of myself as a tattoo person, but my devotion to my team just over came me!!! Here it is!!
PENS ALERT: Pens fall to Hurricanes 3-2. GOALS: S.CROSBY(20), M.RUPP(9). STARS: 3)S.CROSBY 2)E.STAAL 1)R.WHITNEY. Next game Wednesday @Montreal.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Carolina in the 'Burgh

After a rough, hard knocks kinda game on Saturday against the Chicago Blackhawks, the Penguins get a slight reprieve tonight when the Carolina Hurricanes come into the Mellon Arena.

Not to say they should be taken lightly, mind you... but they have not broken into double digits in the win column yet. (they have only 6)

The Chicago game was a great game, despite the Pens losing. A showcase for the goaltenders, that much was certain. Things got a bit snarky as time went along. Still waiting (and it'll probably be futile) for Duncan Keith to get suspended for that ridiculous elbow to the head on Matt Cooke. The hit was clearly a retaliatory move after Cooke had given Duncan a clean hit on the other end of the ice. (though one Hawks fan disagreed heartily with me that Cooke's hit was clean... interesting)

Losing to the Blackhawk's in OT was tolerable, considering the pace of the game. I still think it would have been a totally different game had Sid been in to take the face offs and of course, score some goalage.

So tonight it's Carolina, should be an interesting contest, though not a sure thing as I said previously. Teams that sit in last place of your conference have a sneaky way of doing some mighty strange things. Let's face it, what do they have to lose at this point of the game. They suck worse than some back alley hooker. .... Did I just say that? Guess I did... Hey, this isn't the kindergarden blog ffs.

Seriously though, the beat the Canuks Saturday night... just sayin'.

Before I call it a post, I must mention the great delight I took Friday of hearing of the Flyer's misfortune. Firing your coach, and picking up a replacement, only to take the tail pipe (and badly at that) his first night out. Couldn't happen to a better bunch of goons if you ask me.

For a team some touted as going to the finals this season, they look good on paper, but they've not shown one glimmer of greatness. A 500 record doesn't necessarily ooze Cup worthiness.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention on Saturday... fabulous pregame ceremony put on by the Montreal Canadians on Friday night to celebrate their 100th anniversary. It was great seeing all those old players getting honored. Two thumbs up to the bleu, blanc, and rouge! (hope I got that right!)

Anyhow, time to get this hockey show on the road. Sidney Crosby and his much talked about groin are in the lineup tonight.. you just gotta love that!


Saturday, December 5, 2009


Committing the Indian without Sidney Crosby

Sure, I put a twist on the Blackhawk's "Commit to the Indian" phrase. Why? It's funny (to me at least) and I know a couple 'hawks fans it just might irritate. Ahh.. but it's all in jest, err.. for the most part.

The Penguin's come off an interesting win on Thursday night at home against Colorado. I say interesting because the 4-1 score was not necessarily indicative of a game on the verge of a blowout. The first two periods showed the Pens sluggish and lagging behind until Bill Guerin sent the team up 2-1, the last two remaining goals both being empty netters. So they pulled off the win in the end which is what matters.

Ahh but onto what matters now.

Matt Cooke is back in the lineup!

In what could possibly be a preview of the Stanley Cup finals (and if it was, that'd just rock!) the Chicago Blackhawks come into the Mellon arena tonight without Captain Sidney Crosby. Sid is sitting out tonight due to the ever persistent groin injury.

Seriously, how do you guys deal with that all the time? It's baffling for us gals to understand.

Supposedly the injury has been bothering Crosby for a few days and he has decided to sit this game out, and no word yet if it will just be this game. So, the Penguins move along, at this rate they are so used to having so many injuries and still making due, what's another guy down? Granted, Sid has been so hot lately it's a shame he has to take some time off.

Also on the injury related front, no word on why Kris Letang did not practice at Saturdays morning skate, but according to coach Bylsma "we're preparing for him to play".

Needless to say, line combinations are not totally clear yet.

With Chicago comes... Marian Hossa. Boo birds, I'm sure you'll do your best tonight. The Pens have and had his number, so there is no fear of him there. Sure, the hatred of Hossa is pretty old hat by now, but in some cases such as this... it feels so good to hate, but not on the same level as say.. hating the Flyers. Nothing trumps that, my friend.

In what should be a fast skating game, both teams have a lot of talent, allot of 'scoring' talent. Chicago's Toews and Kane being the most noteable. However, last night the 'Hawks took a terrible loss to conference rival Nashville. Here's to hoping it sucked some of the wind out of their sails.

Chicago coach, Joel Quenneville hinted after Friday’s loss that backup goalie Antti Niemi might get the start in Pittsburgh. Niemi hasn’t played since Nov. 22, when he shut out the Canucks 1-0 in Vancouver.

It's a cold day here in the northeast, perfect for some good ass kicking hockey. Let's bring it to the 'burgh!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009