Monday, February 1, 2010

do Buffaslugs leave a trail?

With just six games left before the Olympic break, the Penguins go into tonights game against the Buffalo Sabres seeking to add to the number of wins.

After winning yesterday against the Red Wings in a shootout (did you know those two teams met for some other important game about 7 months ago? If you didn't you were reminded of that fact about every 5 minutes) the Pens power play had best be in tip top shape. Yesterday after a couple early chances they didn't capitalize on, it still seems to need some work after improving only slightly.

Buffalo is hot right now, third in the Eastern conference right ahead of the Penguins who are in fourth.

Not much to be said really, the Buffaslugs have their snipers in Vanek and Roy, and the talented Jason Pominville and Tim Connolly (Go Otters!) So Brent Johnson is going to need to be in top notch form tonight.

And specialness.... after enduring NBC's broadcast yesterday, tonight the game is on Versus, and being a Directv customer... yep, I don't get to see it. So it's online watching again for me.

Game time is close...


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