Sunday, March 7, 2010

Afternoon delight

And not the Starland Vocal Band kind either, more so the hockey variety.

After yesterdays trip to the 'Burgh and sitting on the glass for the Pens win against Dallas, this afternoon sees the Penguins playing another afternoon game, today's being against the Boston Bruins.

I'll try to give a little recap of Saturdays trip tomorrow, but today it's all about Boston.

In seventh place in the Eastern conference, the Bruins have had a let down of sorts this season in comparison to last year when they sat at the top most of the year, and ultimately folded against the Hurricanes in the playoffs.

What's been the cause of this? Hard to really say. But it could be argued one of last seasons greatest goalie performances by the Bruins Tim Thomas has not been replayed this year. Currently he has a record of 15-15-7, with 2.49 goals against, and a save percentage of .916, 14th in the NHL.

It could also be the missing link of former Bruin Phil Kessel, but it's not like he's lighting any fires in Toronto this year either. But there was a little bit of chemistry between other play makers and passers on the Boston squad when he was there last year.

Regardless of what has kept Boston out of the top spot, they are not a team that you look past. Zdeno Chara makes that pretty difficult, but they have won 6 of their last 7. At least someone the size of Alexei Ponikarovsky (and I love how they're calling him Poni) can at least be some kind of a match against Chara.

Game time is almost at hand, so let's keep this win streak rolling!


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