Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my voice was heard

In regards to my previous post, having to do with my distaste for the XM radios Hockey This Morning show, hot hockey mom contest, I am proud to say my voice was heard.

This is proof positive my friends that lest you think you are one person, and your opinion or voice does not count, you are so wrong. The email I sent directly to XM went unanswered, however I did get noticed. My original response to this lame contest was to post this on their facebook page:

why do they have to be "hot" hockey moms? I think that's a bunch of crap... this is why us women who love hockey and actually KNOW the sport get a bad name... I rock my Pens jerseys, but I'm really disappointed in the morning show pushing this. Are we gonna have "hot" dads for Father's day? Yeah... I didn't think so...

and here is their response... I hope this opens and plays for you: CLICK HERE TO PLAY

So there you have it. It all ends pretty funny actually. I love that station, I love hockey, and it all rubbed me the wrong way, and it was just one of those things that I could not keep quiet about. All in all it turned out good :)

Now... if only those pesky Habs would just go away quietly...

Go Pens!

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Alison said...

Hey! Check it out! Your blog just got highlighted by another Penguins blogger fan!