Thursday, July 22, 2010

pardon the interuption

So I'm peeking my head up from the summer doldrums that usually fill my being during the hockey offseason. Last summer had the joys of celebrating a cup win, this summer... well, it's just boring.

A boring draft, a boring free agency ( the Kovalchuk mess was a snorefest, I mean, seriously?) and a heat wave gripping the state of Ohio wicked enough to make the biggest sun lover run for the comfort of the air conditioning.

Ah, but we have one little distraction. Introducing former Penguin, now Coyote, Paul "BizNasty" Bissonnette. Those of you not familiar with Biz, you are seriously missing out. The dude was more known for his fighting skills than his skating, but you just had to like him. I've mentioned here before a few times that I wished the Pens had held onto him, but his chances of making the big team were small, and when the Phoenix Coyotes snatched him up, it was nice as I knew he had a better chance of staying up in the NHL there than with Pittsburgh.

But Biz has gotten himself into a bit of hot water, well, at least his Twitter account. For a full run down of the story, and a hilarious recap of some of this tweet highlights... check out PuckDaddy. No one but Wysh could tell it any better.

I always enjoyed Biz's hilarious tweets, now I'm just left being a facebook friend, but at least there I get pics of him in that pocketless speedo.

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Karren said...

The whole summer was boreing, Rhonda but I do like your pens blog!!