Monday, December 6, 2010

Sensational SIdney

Every Monday the NHL releases their three stars of the week. Today Sidney Crosby was named the number one star of the week, oddly enough after last week when he was named the number one star for the month of November.

The masses in Pittsburgh couldn't be happier.

Though greatness isn't nothing new in regards to Sidney, scoring titles and Stanley Cup rings aside, all us Penguin fans still get a certain feeling of pride when he accomplishes something new. The fact that the rest of the hockey fans throughout the league can't follow suit probably will never change.

Anyone that has followed Sid's career as closely as I have, know that he's had his haters ever since he was a child. It's safe to assume he is so used to it that it doesn't even phase him. I can only imagine that is has made him stronger.

You could speculate as to why people say the things they do about Sidney Crosby, but in my opinion it all boils down to one thing, jealousy. Because if you ask these haters why, they never really come up with a justifiable reason for said hatred. The whole "he keeps whining/crying/talking to the refs" bit is tired and old. Especially now that he wears that "C"... folks, that's what the captain of your team does too... so uhm, think about it.

Last weeks alleged slew foot debate went on for a couple days among hockey blogs and even on NHL Live. The smart people called it what it was, the haters were the one calling for Crosby's head and suspension. Never mind that there are actual slew foots happening all the time that never seem to get called.

Suffice to say Sidney will always have his detractors, but in the same breath he'll always have us Penguins fans to support him. Be jealous all you want... he's ours and we're keeping him! Just make sure you keep that extra hat on hand, you never know when Super Sid will get another hat trick!


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primeaugurl25 said...

I totally agree with you, growing up in Canada, we have heard of Sidney since he was playing bamtam midget, junior, etc... and here in Canada, we always had to find somebody to follow the steps of the best players, following the steps of Gretzky and Lemieux. The reason why Sid has so many fans that hate him and love him is because of who he is. If his name was John Doe, nobody would be following him like they are now. There is so many other stuff happening in the league that nobody will notice because it comes from non favorite hockey players. Sid will always be scrutted with a microscope because of who he is... I remember the day the tickets when on sale in Pittsburgh for Sidney's first season, there was a long line waiting and Sid arrived at the arena with coffee and donuts for everybody there. He didn't have to, but he did. He knows that he is where he is because of his fans and he does recognize that. I'm no Sid fans, but i'm no Sid hater, but I'm a hockey fan that growing up in Montreal, know a little bit about hockey and how players are icons and no matter what they do or say, they will always have somebody that will make a positive out of it or a negative out of it.