Sunday, January 31, 2010

visions of June 2009

What will be one of two regular season games between the Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins, today's game will be another one of those darn 12:30 ones on the evil empire known as NBC.

If you have visions of a replay of one of the seven games of the Stanley Cup finals from last year, you're probably not alone in that. Granted, the pressure isn't the same for this game as it was the last time these two teams met in game 7, but there is still that desire there to win.

And maybe a little bit of hatred.

The Red Wings aren't exactly a shinning example of perfection, currently sitting in ninth place in the Western Conference, and if the playoffs started today they would be out. Yet in the same token, though the Penguins are still in fourth place in the East, Ottawa is only one point behind in fifth.

However, regardless of injuries to the Wings, they still should not be taken lightly. Can the Penguins do what needs done today? Within the last few weeks they have famously scored and started out well, only to turn around and lose the game.

Not one to be discouraged too easily.. at least in regard to hockey, I'm thinking the Pens will feed off their last meeting with Detroit and it's outcome. They know they can beat this team and do it under all kinds of pressure.

Philly and the Capitals may be huge rivals for the Pens, but Detroit is up there close behind them. So sure... I want to win. Not to mention since the game is on NBC, lots of people get to see, even if Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire are talking....

Need some motivation? How 'bout this?


Thursday, January 28, 2010

PENS fall to Sens 4-1. GOAL: E.MALKIN(19). STARS: 3)E.MALKIN 2)B.ELLIOTT 1)J.SPEZZA. Next game SUNDAY vs Red Wings 12:30 on NBC

moving on without you

It seems the injury bug has once more stung the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As of this mornings skate, tough guy and cute dog owner, Eric Goddard will miss the next four to six weeks with an groin injury he sustained early in the game Monday night against the New York Rangers. The Penguins have recalled forward Nick Johnson from Wilkes-Barre/Scranton to help fill in the gap.

Tyler Kennedy and Alex Goligoski are listed as day to day with the famous "undisclosed" injury.

Veteren Bill Guerin is also listed officially as day to day, but practiced with the team this morning and one can hope he is close to rejoining the team.

Chris Kunitz is still on injured reserve after his abdominal surgery, but also practiced with the rest of the Penguins this morning. Coach Bylsma gives a time table of 1-2 weeks for his return.

Good stuff.

Monday, January 25, 2010


on Broadway

Pens taking on the Rangers tonight in New York City.

Fleury supposedly in the net.

BIll Guerin and Alex Goligoski will be sitting out due to unknown injuries that they must've gotten during yesterdays slug fest against the Cryers.

No word yet on if anyone was administered rabies shots prior to tonights game...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

PENS top Flyers 2-1. GOALS: S.GONCHAR(8), M.COOKE(11). B.JOHNSON: 27 saves. STARS: 3)B.JOHNSON 2)J.CARTER 1)S.GONCHAR. Next game MON @NYR on VS.

keeping it simple

There is not alot that needs to be said today. To put it simply, today the Pens are taking on the Flyers. The hatred and ire among Penguins fans hangs in the air like a stench that is incomparable. The hunger to beat them in their own arena after they took us down at the Mellon arena 17 days ago gnaws at your gut.

But what to do?

Fleury is going to be back in net with a glove that will help to accommodate the splint he's wearing on his broken ring finger. That's a start. ****UPDATE*** so I was wrong, he's not playing but is backup to Brent Johnson, understandable.

Even though the Pens have won three out of the four previous meetings, coming off a two game losing skid, most recently to Ovechkin and the Crapitals, going into Philly today is gonna be tough, yet having Fleury and Dupuis back can only help things.

Pittsburgh has had a couple days rest, Philly played (and won) last night against the Hurricanes.

While the Philadelphia Flyers are a strong team in the first period, the third period is their weakest, as they have been outscored, 52-44, in the final period over the course of the season.

What it all comes down to ultimately, who wants this more? Philly fans are brutal to Sidney Crosby, but they haven't seemed to figure it out yet... he feeds off that. So yeah... go ahead and boo...



Friday, January 22, 2010


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your 30 seconds

It's pretty obvious if you know me that I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, ok, let's say it... obssessed fan. Be it the custom license plate on my car that reads 87 PENS, the numerous clothing items, wrist band, slippers, not to mention my computer room with all it's stuff, or the logo tattooed on my ankle.

Yes, I love them 'Guins.

I like to think of myself as more than a casual hockey fan, even being *gasp* a woman. So I know the game, and essentially know what I am talking about. What I am not good at is trash talk.

I've mentioned it here numerous times before I listen to alot of hockey talk radio on XM's Home Ice (channel 204), and if you've never sampled it for yourself you are seriously missing out on some great stuff.

My favorite program is on at 11am EST, and it's called The War Room. The host, Mick Kern has an awesome sense of humor and satirical wit that just adds to the fountain of knowledge spewed forth on each show. Ok, I used spew there... ignore that.

Point is, this show rocks. I just wish it were longer than 1 hour.

Thursdays is one of the best days to listen, for me at least. They do this thing called 'the 30 second shift'. In a nutshell, you get 30 seconds to rant, comment, or just generally make yourself be heard. Then the shows hosts rank you accordingly.

As I mentioned before I am by far not a trash talker. A gracious winner yes, but the only place I talk trash is here and boy do I let it fly at home, as anyone who has witnessed me during a Flyers and Pens game can attest to.

Not to say that I don't enjoy it, I just find it tough to do in front of others. But today I braved my own inadequacies and made the call. Figuring I wouldn't get thru, imagine my surprise when they answered the phone!

Next thing I knew, I heard the horn and did my thing. Was it the best ever heard... far from it. Was I proud of my performance? Maybe just a titch. My comments were enough to draw the ire of some Craps fan, telling me to grab my crying towel. Ha...

What did I say?

"Losers will always lose, haters are always gonna hate, Washington Capitals fans, you can keep your great 8, I will however keep Sid the kid and keep winning, while you will always fall short and keep losing...."

So what would you do with your 30 seconds? Defend the honor of your star player? Talk smack to the team you hate the most? All I can say the feeling can be quite liberating, and leave you only wanting to do it again.

Will I do it again? Maybe eventually, but for now I'm content I at the very least tried.

And I do reiterate .... Mick, you don't look like a freak...

Go Pens!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PENS top Isles 6-4. GOALS: S.CROSBY(31,32), E.MALKIN(15,16,17), B.GUERIN(16). STARS: 3)D.WEIGHT 2)E.MALKIN 1)S.CROSBY. Next game THU vs CAPS.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Curry, no Fleury

With back up goaltender Bent Johnson out with the all mysterious "lower body injury", and Marc Andre Fleury suffering a broken finger on his left hand, AHL Baby Penguin, John Curry, will be making his first start in the NHL this season.

Last year he made 3 appearances for the Pens, with a record of 2-1-0. So far this season down in Wilkes Barre he has a .904 save percentage and is currently 16-13-1 with a goal against average of 2.40.

To fill in as Curry's back up goalie, the Penguins have signed their 2008 draft pick, Alexander Pechurski to a one-game amateur tryout.

Not sure where all this leaves the Pens tonight. Their play as of late wouldn't be described as solid, despite winning their last two games. The power play is still weak, and even the penalty kill is nothing to write home over.

Now with the two top goalies down for the count, against one of the stronger teams in the western conference (despite being in seventh place), it certainly makes one a little nervous.

One interesting component will be the face off of Henrik Sedin and Sidney Crosby, both vying for the scoring title. This same game would have also shown a Canadian Olympic preview had Fleury played, but alas not any more.

I really hate when the Pens are on the left coast, and thankfully this will be the last for the series of away games, and they will be back home Tuesday against the Islanders.

What with all the hoopla having gone down in Vancouver this week in regards to Alex Burrows, let's hope they've lost their focus... hey, I can hope, can't I?


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Just a brief nonhockey request..

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Friday, January 15, 2010

NHL FINAL Penguins 3, Oilers 2. GOALS: P.Dupuis (11), L.Visnovsky (9). SH/SV: M.Fleury (35/33), D.Dubnyk (31/28). (AP)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

NHL FINAL Penguins 3, Flames 1. GOALS: S.Crosby (30), M.Giordano (6). SH/SV: M.Fleury (38/37), M.Kiprusoff (27/24).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In case you don't get it

To the bright individual who left me this message on a post that is almost a year old...

"I learned nothing from your post, other than that you are a Penguins fan and biased towards that team. Thanks for sounding smart! Hope you have an ample supply of hot air (after this blog, you probably need a refill....) "

To clarify the obvious, in case it missed your grasp... This is a Pittsburgh Penguins FAN blog. Not for the Red Wings, the Sharks, the Bruins, or the Sabres... PITTSBURGH. The stuff I write and post here are just my thoughts, feelings, etc.

If you want statistical analysis there are plenty enough of those sites out there, try google, you'll find tons.

Being a Penguins fan, and writing on this blog, I am allowed to be biased... duh. As I'm sure you're more than biased towards any team you follow. Geez...

What can I say folks.. person was real big and signed their name as "Anonymous"... probably a Flyers fan...


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PENS fall to Wild 4-3. GOALS: S.CROSBY(28), P.DUPUIS(10), M.EATON(4). STARS: 3)S.CROSBY 2)N.BACKSTROM 1)G.LATENDRESSE. Next game WED 9:30pm @CGY.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Shameless self promotion

Uploaded these over the weekend from the 2008 Eastern Conference finals, enjoy!

Ron Cook, columnist or just a slacker?

An interesting article on Puck Daddy regarding the Ron Cook mess. Click HERE.

The Pensblog take on it as well HERE.

All I can say is they'll give anyone a pen nowadays... or a blog... :)

Gonchars goal and penalty

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pens beat TOR 4-1. GOALS: B.GUERIN(14), S.GONCHAR(6,7), S.CROSBY(27). STARS: 3)S.CROSBY 2)M.FLEURY 1)S.GONCHAR. Next game Mon vs MIN.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

just sayin...



Friday, January 8, 2010

Pens fall to PHI 7-4. GOALS: S.CROSBY(25,26), M.COOKE(8), M.RUPP(11). STARS: 3)S.CROSBY 2)M.CARLE 1)J.VAN RIEMSDYK. Next game Sat vs TOR.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

TheFlyers, again

Since the game against the Atlanta Thrashers on Tuesday night was a much needed win, I want to say that I'm relieved yes, to get out of that losing skid, but to be realistic, we beat a team that itself was on an 8 game losing streak.

Yet... a win, is a win, is a win. I'll gladly take it.

That said, the filthy Flyers won themselves last night against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Again, that in itself really isn't saying to much. As it stands going into tonights game the Flyers sit in 10th place in the Eastern c0nference, and last in the Atlantic division.

Pittsburgh still hovers in fourth in the east.

A win tonight at home against Philly before heading out west on the next road trip would be monumental.

Gonchar is probable but will be a game time decision, and if I had to guess, Fleury will be in net. No word yet if Fedotenko will play tonight, but it's looking like he's not.

So it's time to feast on some Flyer hide...



Tuesday, January 5, 2010


someone has to win

What needs done to win a game? .... just what exactly?

A novel idea.. pucks in nets, shots on goal, and a power play that will actually score. In a nutshell, just play the darn game already. It's tough for the Penguins to play the type of hockey they do, and keep playing it and make it thru a whole season without some losses and the occassional losing streak.

But enough already.

It's not only a sad state of affairs for the Penguins, but tonight's opponent the Atlanta Thrashers. The Pens have lost 5 straight games, and the Thrashers have lost 8. That said, after tonight someone is going to win.

Bringing Luca Caputi up to fill in for the injured Chris Kunitz is hopefully just the shot in the arm the team needs. Coach Dan Bylsma thinks Caputi will be an added presence in front of the net, and help put some goals on the board. Currently they have him on the same line with Malkin and Fedotenko... I approve.

And while he's at it, maybe Caputi can light a fire under Malkin's butt. At least Geno understands himself that right now his game sucks, but sadly, even he doesn't know why.

Brent Johnson is in goal tonight, here is to hoping that he keeps Kovalchuk from scoring.

Game time is close at hand, so get your comfy seat and get ready for some hockey!!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Pens fall to FLA 6-2. GOALS: T.KENNEDY(7), S.CROSBY(24). STARS: 3)G.CAMPBELL 2)N.HORTON 1)R.DVORAK. Next game TUE vs ATL.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

no time to least not yet

Sure, having watched yesterdays tragedy (hey, that's what I'm calling it) you'd be tempted to start screaming, ranting, or calling for someones head on a platter, but at this stage of the game (season) isn't that a little premature?

Visit any Pittsburgh Penguins message board and you'll see any number of people collectively freaking out and wanting to trade this guy, fire that guy, etc, etc, etc...

Truth of the matter is this. It's a given that it's difficult to watch your team go down in flames against one of the worst teams in the league, as they did yesterday against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and last Sunday against the Toronto Maple Leafs, again another really bad team.

What must be also kept in mind, is that between those two losses, the Pens also lost games to two of the elite teams in Buffalo and New Jersey.

Ok, that makes 4 straight losses in a row, and to make it more noteworthy you can say we've lost 5 of our last 6 games, admittedly not to impressive for the defending Stanley Cup champs.

But now is not the time to go all chicken little on things and start screaming the sky is falling. It's not to far fetch to think that this team was and is going to lose some games this season, we're not perfect. Good news is, no one else is either.

It is difficult to sit back and watch your much loved team lose, and being the defending Cup winners, you have to know everyone is loving watching us slip and fall. I'm also guessing it's a safe bet to say that the members of this team are not liking how things are either.

I have faith though. And so should you. As easy as it is to sit back and pick at and find fault at what is wrong with the team as a whole (or in some cases individuals themselves) everything will turn around.

It's just a matter of when.

I say they will start today. Something just tells me it's going happen today.

If it's any comfort... at least we're not the Columbus Blue Jackets...

With that said...

Pens fall to Tampa Bay 3-1. GOAL: B.GUERIN(13). STARS: 3)M.OHLUND 2)M.SMITH 1)M.ST LOUIS. Next game tomorrow 5pm @Florida.