Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pens fall to Lightning 2-0. STARS: 3)M.SMITH 2)M.ST LOUIS 1)S.STAMKOS. Next game SAT 1pm vs Atlanta. *Pens mobile web:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PENS sign D KRIS LETANG to 4-year extension thru 2013-14. STATS: 22yo, 6'0, 201lbs. 21G 58A 79PTS in 211 NHL games. More:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PENS beat Leafs 5-4(SO). GOALS: T.KENNEDY(11) S.CROSBY(46,47,SOW) M.COOKE(15). STARS: 3)T.BOZAK 2)B.ORPIK 1)S.CROSBY. Next game WED vs Lightning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

there's 2 points at stake as well

When the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals come together, usually all that the media tends to focus on is the whole Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin rivalry. But there is just so much more to it than that.

Well, more? There is at least something else to it.

Regular season games aside, the classic playoff rivalries between the Pens and Caps are simply legendary. The first round series in the 1991-92 season was one of the first.

This was an opening round series (and a re-match of the Penguins' five game victory in 1991) that saw Washington start the series with a 3-1 lead, at that point the premier game was a 7-2 thrashing in game 4 in Pittsburgh. After that thrashing, the Penguins took over the Capitals, outscoring them by a 14-7 margin over the final three games, ultimately winning their second consecutive Stanley Cup.

In the 1993-94 series, the Capitals got their revenge, eliminating the Pens in six games in the first round of the playoffs, and in 1995-96 was one of the longest playoff games in NHL history, ending roughly at 2am!

I could go on, but the point is, there is history between these two teams, and as long as Sid and Ovie are around it will only grow. Typically the fans in the 'Burgh hate the Caps, or as we affectionately refer to them, the Craps, and Ovechkin tends to make it easy to hate him.

I'll go out and say I give Ovie his due, he's a world class player, but the Capitals have several 20 goal scorers on their team. So they are nothing to overlook.

That said, I'm proud we have Sid... yanno, he's no slouch in his own right. Just a shame that there is a certain group of people out there that will never admit he'll be a legendary player, or give him his due. Only time will prove them wrong.

Game time is close at hand, time to unrock the red and paint the nations capital black and vegas gold!!!


Monday, March 22, 2010


Thursday, March 18, 2010

PENS beat Bruins 3-0. GOALS: T.KENNEDY(10), A.PONIKAROVSKY(21), M.RUPP(13). STARS: 3)S.THORNTON 2)M.FLEURY 1)M.RUPP. Next game SAT 1pm vs CAR.

paybacks are a, ya know...

Well, they're supposed to be a bitch.

Tonight's Pens / Bruins game will probably give that phrase justification of some sorts. One can only hope that everyone comes out of it with all parts and pieces intact, and no one gets seriously hurt.

What I find most ridiculous out of all this "revenge" or "payback" bit, is the fact that a certain crowd in the city of Boston, journalists as well, who are crying for the blood of Sidney Crosby. Their stating that "eye for an eye" mentality is just so neanderthal it's not even funny.

How does hurting Crosby advance their cause? They are a team sitting in a precarious spot in the Eastern Conference, 8th place to be specific, with the next team, the New York Rangers, only 3 points behind them. Do they really want to risk losing those potential 2 points, all for the sake of revenge?

I've always considered Boston to be one of the more classy teams in the NHL, and pretty much thought they were above such goonery. And you know, they probably are. It's the fans and media that have blown this up to much more than what it should be. The idea that their fanbase will be disappointed if they don't draw blood, baffles me.

I have to agree with what a few have said, let Matt Cooke go toe to toe with someone early on, take his lumps, and then move the hell on and play some hockey. Never have I been to the point where I want to see a game over with so people can just move on to the next hot topic of the moment.

With some of the NHL's veteran officials doing this game, Colin Campbell in attendance, and lots more watching on the NHL Network in addition to those in both the Pittsburgh and Boston markets, no one is getting away anything.

What the Pens need to do is break out and take control of this game from the very beginning. Let's just hope there is a better performance than last night, which in my opinion was the worst game of the year. Just painful to watch.

It's almost game time, so get your rear and gear and let's play some hockey!!! Hey... this isn't Slap Shot yanno!!

PENS fall to Devils 5-2. GOALS: C.KUNITZ(11), R.FEDOTENKO(10). STARS: 3)M.BRODEUR 2)P.MARTIN 1)P.ELIAS. Next game Thursday 7pm @BOS.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can the Devil's be beat?

I'm sure there is some obscure statistic out there telling when the last time the Pittsburgh Penguins were swept in a season series against a division rival. But I'm not looking for it.

The real question at hand tonight is, does that stat get updated tonight?

Looking at the standings and the recent play of both the Penguins and the New Jersey Devils, it's pretty obvious they are both alike in many ways, in the aspect that they both have great records, their own star players, and high in the standings of the Eastern Conference.

Personally speaking I'd really like to see one of those games tonight where the Pens chase old Marty from the net like they have done on several occasions in the past. But again, you have to ask, can it be done?

The production of Evgeni Malkin of late aside, and the fact he is not playing tonight, I think the Pens are more than capable of beating this team. The Devils boring trap style of defensive play works for them, and is proven effective more often than not. Shouldn't it stand to reason then that after 5 losses to this team this year, we might have figured them out a little bit?

I agree hands down that Martin Brodeur is by far one of the elite goalies that will ever play this fantastic game. But in the Olympics he showed a flaw, and got pulled for his Canadian team mate , Roberto Luongo. I pontificated that maybe Marty just was so used to playing with that tough as nails defense in front of him, and the Devils trap play, he was at a loss.

But I'm just guessing.... I don't claim to be that analytical about such things, but we're all just armchair goalies, right?

Anyhow, it's Saint Patrick's day, and I'm not Irish, but I hope your day is great. Wear your green, drink your green adult beverage of choice, and cheer on those Penguins. Let's just hope that the Penguins have a bit of the luck of the Irish with them tonight in New Jersey. Hey, Sidney Crosby's middle name is Patrick, that's almost Irish isn't it?

I'll try anything...


Monday, March 15, 2010


Sunday, March 7, 2010


Afternoon delight

And not the Starland Vocal Band kind either, more so the hockey variety.

After yesterdays trip to the 'Burgh and sitting on the glass for the Pens win against Dallas, this afternoon sees the Penguins playing another afternoon game, today's being against the Boston Bruins.

I'll try to give a little recap of Saturdays trip tomorrow, but today it's all about Boston.

In seventh place in the Eastern conference, the Bruins have had a let down of sorts this season in comparison to last year when they sat at the top most of the year, and ultimately folded against the Hurricanes in the playoffs.

What's been the cause of this? Hard to really say. But it could be argued one of last seasons greatest goalie performances by the Bruins Tim Thomas has not been replayed this year. Currently he has a record of 15-15-7, with 2.49 goals against, and a save percentage of .916, 14th in the NHL.

It could also be the missing link of former Bruin Phil Kessel, but it's not like he's lighting any fires in Toronto this year either. But there was a little bit of chemistry between other play makers and passers on the Boston squad when he was there last year.

Regardless of what has kept Boston out of the top spot, they are not a team that you look past. Zdeno Chara makes that pretty difficult, but they have won 6 of their last 7. At least someone the size of Alexei Ponikarovsky (and I love how they're calling him Poni) can at least be some kind of a match against Chara.

Game time is almost at hand, so let's keep this win streak rolling!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

PENS top DAL 6-3. GOALS: STAAL(18) KUNITZ(10) DUPUIS(15) CROSBY(43,44) PONI.(20). STARS 3)23 2)14 1)87.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PENS TRADE ALERT: Pens acquire a 2010 6th round pick from Toronto for D Chris Peluso, 23yo, senior @Bemidji State.
PENS TRADE ALERT: Pens get LW Alexei Ponikarovsky from Toronto in exchange for Luca Caputi and Martin Skoula. 09-10 STATS: 19G 22A in 61 games.
PENS top Buffalo 3-2. GOALS: S.GONCHAR(9), P.DUPUIS(14), R.FEDOTENKO(9). STARS: 3)D.ROY 2)E.MALKIN 1)R.FEDOTENKO. Trade deadline 2morrow 3PM.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the game is back on!

It's time now to get back into the NHL swing of things now that the Olympics and their aftermath have passed, in some cases with the subtle grace of a lead balloon.

First and foremost I want to give a big two thumbs up to Seth over at Empty Netters who kept me entertained during quite a few of the Olympic hockey games with his live chats. Who would have thought you'd find a group of people literally from all over the world in a teeny chat hosted by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette? It also boggles the mind how a hockey player from Norway by the name of Thor Vikingstaad could gain so many followers on the merit of having a very cool name. Look for Vikingstaad jerseys in Pittsburgh...

I'm quite pleased with things have turned out, Olympic hockey speaking.

Even before the final gold medal game, my loyalty to my country was already called into question, then when it was over, no one could have seen all the crap coming I have endured. As the proverbial duck, I let it all roll off my back. I learned long ago, you pick your battles, and this one just wasn't worth it.

Why? Well, first and foremost, I am a huge hockey fan. And for anyone to say I don't love my country has a screw loose. This is a sport, we're not drawing lines in the sand during war here. There is nothing wrong with appreciating another team. Just as I love the Penguins, I also really like watching other NHL teams, the same principle holds true for international hockey.

So sure, some of this could be chalked up to sour grapes, jealousy, or just being sore loosers. I like to think of myself as a gracious winner. In 2008 when the Pens lost in the Cup finals, I took alot of bull from Red Wings fans. Did I whine and complain? No. In turn, when my beloved Penguins won this past 2009 season, did I give those people the same treatment they did me? No.

Ozzy Osbourne said something once, that I've always remembered. Be careful who you screw on your way up the ladder of life, because on your way back down, you just might have to kiss their ass. I'm guessing this was one of Ozzy's more lucid moments....

Anyhow, the point is, as a collective whole, we should all be glad that the sport of hockey made such a spectacular showing during the games, and hopefully it only makes more people want to check out this sport that I love and am so passionate about.

That said, it's almost game time. The Pens take on the Buffaslugs at home in Pittsburgh, with the final push going into the playoffs.

PENS TRADE ALERT: Pens get D Jordan Leopold from FLA for 2010 2nd rd pick. STATS: 29yo, 6'1, 200lbs, Shoots Left. 7G 11A 18PTS in 61 games.