Tuesday, May 25, 2010

as the pain subsides

So it's been a couple weeks now since the season ended for my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. Even though there still are regrets and disappointment, the pain of bowing out of the post season has lessened to a (barely) tolerable level.

Or so I thought.

Hey, I knew somebody was going to the Stanley Cup finals, and as much as I hoped it was the Pens, it was going to be two other teams. In the end it's going to be the Marian Hossa, Chicago Blackhawks, and the *gag* Philadelphia Flyers... gawd, that's just hard to say, let alone grasp any kind of reality about.

So, for a Pens fan, what is the lesser of two evils?

For me, though I have a dislike for Marian Hossa, I'd have to say it doesn't come close to the rampant hatred I keep deep within for that other team on the opposite side of Pennsylvania. So I suppose it's a no brainer, yet the media is having a lot of fun with this question.

All weirdness aside, am I going to be watching the finals, most likely not. No matter how much I love hockey, I can't watch the Flyers enjoy this, for now, minor victory. That's not to say I won't be checking box scores and hoping like heck the Blackhawks take Philly down in 4.

Will Hossa be a factor in this series? Probably not. I mean seriously, where has he been to this point? Nowhereville. There is that interesting little bit of bullshit at the end of that game with Detroit where Hossa should have gotten a game misconduct, but instead only got 2 minutes in the box, where once served he came out of the penalty box with seconds left and scored the game/series winning goal. Had he got the 10 minute penalty who knows how that game would of ended. Sure this sounds all "what if'ish", and in all actuality Chicago was going to win that series anyway... but... well... speculation can be fun.

And hey... when you don't golf, you have to do something.

No worries, my dear Penguins. I know we're not going to win the cup every year, and for whatever reason, we were not meant to have it again this year. But rest well ice warriors, I can wait (barely!) until October when we start all over again...

For now, draft day is what I'm looking forward to next.... June 25th.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pens fall to Habs 5-2. GOALS: C.KUNITZ(4), J.STAAL(3). Thanks to the Greatest Fans in Hockey for another memorable season!

a little high.. do or die...


So do you think you can stand the pressure of yet one more game 7 for your Pittsburgh Penguins?

Will they win and be pushed into the Eastern Conference finals for the third straight year? Or will they crash and burn and be eliminated, to follow the fate of the Detroit Red Wings, Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabres, New Jersey Devils, Ottawa Senators, Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators, and the Washington Capitals?

One thing is for certain, it's not going to be a boring game, and the Penguins will not go away quietly. If they are anything, they are not quitters, it's been proven before.

The question is who will stand up in this game? Or who will get the blame if we lose? Sidney Crosby has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism for his lack of scoring in this Montreal series. The whole bit that Ovie scored 5 goals in the Capitals series with the Habs being used as fodder for the argument that Sids lack of production makes him somehow a lesser superstar, and responsible for his teams losses.

At what point do you point one guy out and say, "yeah, it's his fault".

This was a minor discussion during the Puck Daddy Weds. chat, today. My comment being that there are 20+ guys on a team, sometimes the goalies are spectacular, and sometimes they just down right suck. Are they always the one to blame? Sometimes yes, other times not as much. A goalie can be playing a great game, but if his defense ahead of him hangs him out to dry and doesn't help him out, it can't all be blamed on him. Sure, sometimes a goalie gets too much credit for a games win, and other times not enough.

It just goes both ways.

So such as it goes with Sidney Crosby. He's been a proven leader for the Penguins, and his dedication cannot be put into question, they guy seemingly lives, eats, breathes hockey. Not everybody is the same, or has the same level of devotion he has, so it goes without saying, there are only so many inspiring speeches a coach can make, so many pep talks your teams captain can give you, before you step up to the plate and take matters in hand and go out there and help your team with your best 100% effort.

That said, it should not rest on one player, one goalie, one coach. This is a team sport and as such you win together, you lose together.

And for all those Penguin/Crosby haters that would just love to see Pittsburgh flame out tonight, just think, their winning will only add fuel to your love of the great NHL/Gary Bettman conspiracy theory. Don't even get me started on THAT again.

Game time is coming up in just a few short hours. I'm nervous as hell, I hate game 7's. Though the last one the Penguins went thru ended pretty good. Here's to hoping we get the same result tonight :)



and yes... have not used these guys hardly at all this season, but now's the time we need them most!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my voice was heard

In regards to my previous post, having to do with my distaste for the XM radios Hockey This Morning show, hot hockey mom contest, I am proud to say my voice was heard.

This is proof positive my friends that lest you think you are one person, and your opinion or voice does not count, you are so wrong. The email I sent directly to XM went unanswered, however I did get noticed. My original response to this lame contest was to post this on their facebook page:

why do they have to be "hot" hockey moms? I think that's a bunch of crap... this is why us women who love hockey and actually KNOW the sport get a bad name... I rock my Pens jerseys, but I'm really disappointed in the morning show pushing this. Are we gonna have "hot" dads for Father's day? Yeah... I didn't think so...

and here is their response... I hope this opens and plays for you: CLICK HERE TO PLAY

So there you have it. It all ends pretty funny actually. I love that station, I love hockey, and it all rubbed me the wrong way, and it was just one of those things that I could not keep quiet about. All in all it turned out good :)

Now... if only those pesky Habs would just go away quietly...

Go Pens!

PENS fall to Habs 4-3. GOALS: S.CROSBY(6), K.LETANG(5), B.GUERIN(4). STARS: 3)J.HALAK 2)J.SPACEK 1)M.CAMMALLERI. Game 7 WED, tix on sale TUE 2pm.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

PENS beat Habs 2-1, lead series 3-2. GOALS: K.LETANG(4), S.GONCHAR(2). STARS: 3)K.LETANG 2)S.GONCHAR 1)M.FLEURY. Next game Monday @MTL.

Sharing my disgust and being so hardcore

To anyone who doesn't have XM radio, and cannot get to listen to some of the amazing programing on the NHL Home Ice channel, I want to share this little ditty with you.

As I've mentioned here numerous times before, my fav show/host is the War Room with Mick Kern. But I listen to most of the day time programming too on and off thru my day.

The morning show referred to as Hockey This Morning is typically pretty good. I was a bit disappointed when they moved Scott Laughlin to the afternoon, but whatever.

Anyhow, Friday they decided to hold a "hot" hockey mom contest. Excuse me??? Am I listening to the Playboy channel? Geez... So hockey moms were encouraged to send in their pictures in their jerseys, and it was stressed they be "tasteful" (I'll give them that...) and the shows hosts would vote on the best one.

So, is Home Ice now holding beauty contests?

I'm a little put off by all this as a devoted hockey fan, and specifically because I'm not some lame puck bunny that follows hockey because the guys are hot and sexy. I think I can prove my knowledge of the sport.

To stoop down and play the "only hot looking women follow sports" card is just something I never saw coming from this station. Or am I wrong that good looking = hot? I doubt it. Why could it not have just been "hockey moms"?

Some men would probably say at this point that I'm some angry feminist. Nothing could be further from the truth. I never profess to be anything other than what I am... myself. Faults and all. And I'm sure many a man will delight in painting me as "not hot". Go for it my friends. I at least know the sport that I love, and love it with a passion that can't be put into words. Can a puck bunny or hot hockey mom say that much? Who cares.

I'm just wondering if Hockey this Morning will be holding a "hot" hockey dad contest on Father's day? I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Now that I've finished my mini rant...

It seems if I'm not 'hot'... I'm at least hardcore.

Life has kept me busy and away from the blogosphere, I apologize for that. One thing that keeps me busy is my volunteer work. The one place I go to is a horse farm, that specializes in helping disabled people thru horseback riding.

Anyhow, I was there last week, sporting one of my many Penguins related shirts. Being relatively new, I don't know everyone nor have I met all the workers there. Upon meeting me for the first time, a fellow volunteer asked if just wore the Pens shirt, or if I was a "real" fan.

Rather than go into a long ass explanation of how much I love my team, I just pulled up the leg of my jeans and flashed my tattoo. Her response, "Wow! you're hardcore!"

That I am.

Then today at the check out line at the butcher, a gentleman standing behind me noticed my Penguins top, we exchanged some hockey talk, in passing I mentioned having the Center Ice package, his response, "I guess you're pretty hardcore then". Ha... twice within a week I got labeled as hardcore lol.

Me and my sweet husband were discussing this over a late lunch today, and he came to the conclusion I was actually probably beyond hardcore. Is that even possible? :)))

Who cares... it's all good. But the real question is, can a woman be hardcore and hot? Maybe I should consider sending in a jersey picture to Hockey this Morning? ..... NOT!!!!

Game time is here... It's a hockey night in Pittsburgh!!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

PENS fall to Habs 3-2; series tied 2-2. GOALS: M.TALBOT(2), C.KUNITZ(3). STARS: 3)M.TALBOT 2)J.GORGES 1)J.HALAK. Next game SAT @PIT 7pm.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pens fall to Habs 3-1. GOAL: M.COOKE(4). STARS: 3)M.COOKE 2)M.CAMMALLERI 1)J.HALAK. Next game Tuesday 7pm @Montreal