Sunday, January 30, 2011

is it really an ALL star game?

So you're sitting and watching the all new forum of putting together the 2011 NHL all star game, where two players, in this case Eric Stall of the Carolina Hurricanes and Nick Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings, were named captians and got to pick their team draft style.

The three forwards, two defensemen and one goalie with the most votes in their respective categories were named the first all stars, and the NHL Hockey Operations Department selected the remaining 36 players for the game.

Three of the top vote getters were from the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Marc Andre Fleury, with Crosby once again being the top vote getter through out the league.

My question is this. Sure Crosby and Malkin have viable reasons for not being there since they are injured (and as a side note Crosby was cleared for light workout yesterday) but do you think there are some players there that really.. and I mean seriously... belong there?

The one that stands out in my mind is Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Does it say anything to that fact that he was last picked in the draft? This guy hasn't done diddly since he left Boston for Toronto, and add to that, how does a guy stand out on a team that has such a horrible record?

Another one.. Patrik Elias. What? Did he get the sympathy vote? He's having an ok season for being 34 years old in a league full of young guys, but it goes without saying we all know how the Devils season has been going.

Guess I just can't help it, this game doesn't have a lot of draw for me without Sidney. The poor guy just can never seem to be healthy when it's all star time. But how can they have a game like this without him? Your top vote getter sitting out. He keeps this up people won't vote for him because they think he will be a no show :laughs:.

Anyhow, sure I'm gonna watch, I mean... I'm a hockey freak. Even last nights skill competition was only slightly more interesting than usual, but the same thing, no Sid, not as much fun. You can only handle seeing Ovie's toothless grin so many times, yanno?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

to shake or not to shake, and other stuff

So since when did playing a sport against a dreaded rival equate to being all nice and sweet to them afterwards? Guess it just depends on who all you ask. Like anyone who is a Sidney Crosby hater, or maybe someone who is a Flyer's fan, or just anyone who dislikes the Pittsburgh Penguins for whatever their warped reasons are.

And this is what is going on after New Year's day in the aftermath of the Winter Classic where the Pens lost to their nemesis the Washington Capitals. The whining that has been going on by some sports writers and fans around the league that the Penguins did not shake hands after the end of the game is almost as pathetic as what they claim Sidney Crosby to be.

Seriously? Shaking hands? Why not share a cup of tea afterwards? Geezus.

This is a sporting event, and the Winter Classic specifically a spectacle, but it in no means shaking hands is or should be required. Heck, I'm not even into for games like the playoffs or the Stanley Cup finals.

News Flash!!! These guys are not supposed to be buds, they are combatants in a contest of grit and determination, both of whom desperately want to win and get the prized 2 points. So after such a heated battle why would they even WANT to be nicey nice and shake the hands of the idiots who just beat them? Trust me... they don't. Well.. maybe Alexander Ovechkin does, he can laugh and tee hee with guys from the opposing team after losing to them.. even if that other team was the crappy New Jersey Devils.

All that aside, the time for this hand shaking thing really needs to go.

Sidney Crosby was criticized for not shaking everyone's hand after winning the Stanley Cup, despite the fact he did shake a good amount of the players and coaching staff of the Detroit Red Wings. A few of the Wings really made an issue out of it in the press... again I ask, who's the whiner?

And speaking of whiners. To the idiot Flyer fan I heard on XM radio this morning going on about Sidney Crosby being a baby, whiner (fill in your choice, they are all over used after his 5 years in the league.. move on folks), and non man type... Just listen to yourself and your fellow haters, you sound and act like what you are accusing him of. Oh... and in case you didn't notice, after 3 years of him wearing the C, like every other captain in the league, get this... all those guys wearing the C talk to the referee's. Just thought I'd point that out to you. Douche bags.

Anyhow. How 'bout that Dwayne Roloson? Kinda had to feel for the guy after he had a kick ass game against the Caps the night before after being dumped by the Islanders just days before. But he had more holes than Swiss cheese last night.

After the disappointment of losing in the Winter Classic the Pens needed a game like that. Malkins goal just 7 seconds into the game pretty much set the pace for the rest of the evening, including Chris Kunitz's first hat trick as a Penguin. All in all, fun was had by all.. well, except maybe Tampa Bay.

Tonight the Pens roll into Montreal to take on the Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge. Personally I'm hoping to see that arrogant bastard P.K. Subban get jacked up. One can only hope, yanno.

Anyhow, game time at 7:30pm...



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Classic, part 2

Remember that little game in Buffalo back in 2008? Well, location isn't the only thing different this time around.

This isn't your typical Winter Classic.

Since 2008 and that wintery game, the NHL's made a yearly thing of this New Years day event. I for one am all for it, the more the NHL can be promoted all the better I say. Typically though the NHL usually gets the crumbs of whats left from all the other major sports in regards to television exposure. I mean, one of the biggest events for hockey getting stuck at 1pm?

So a little rain turns it into a prime time spectacle.

The original start time is now pushed to 8pm. To me, under the lights on Heinz field, two hated rivals, and 70 thousand plus screaming hockey fans... how can anything compare?

The original Winter Classic will always be my favorite, not only because it was the first and my Penguins were involved, but the whole scene was so perfect with the snow and winter weather.

Oh yeah... and Jordon Staal is making his season debut? Great to have Gronk back at last! I hear the penalty kill celebrating from here in NE Ohio.

There has been so much hype building up to this one game, one can only hope it lives up to it. If I had to guess, I'm betting it will. I'd like nothing more than to have Sid and company hand Ovie his hat and make him choke on it.

That's just me though, but really... yinz know how I feel by now...

Peace and Happy New Year..