Thursday, October 27, 2011

PENS beat Isles 3-2(SO). GOALS: C.KUNITZ(3) J.NEAL(9) E.MALKIN(SOW). STARS: 3)M.MARTIN 2)E.MALKIN 1)C.KUNITZ. Next game SAT @Toronto.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PENS top Isles 3-0. GOALS: P.DUPUIS(3) R.PARK(2) J.STAAL(6-EN). FLEURY: 33 saves. STARS: 3)PARK 2)DUPUIS 1)FLEURY. Next game THU vsNYI.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

PENS top Devils 4-1. GOALS: STAAL(4,5) KUNITZ(2) NEAL(8). STARS: 3)R.PARK 2)M.FLEURY 1)J.STAAL. Next game TUE @NYI.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PENS top Wild 4-2. GOALS: C.KUNITZ(1) J.STAAL(3) J.NEAL(6) P.DUPUIS(2). STARS: 3)J.STAAL 2)C.CLUTTERBUCK 1)B.JOHNSON. Next game THU 7pm vs Montreal.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

PENS ALERT: Sidney Crosby has been cleared for full contact in practices. No timetable for a return to game action. More info: http//

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PENS top Florida 4-2. GOALS: P.DUPUIS(1) M.COOKE(3) R.PARK(1) J.NEAL(2). STARS: 3)R.PARK 2)J.VITALE 1)P.DUPUIS. Next game THU vsCaps.

Home Sweet Home

Sure we are already on game 4 of an 82 game season, but this is a big game, it's our first HOME game of the season!

Granted it'd be a little more exciting if we had Sid back and healthy, ready to take the lineup tonight, and same goes for Brooks Orpik. We've known those guys have not played yet, and it's to be determined exactly when they will, but it's a little disheartening that Evgeni Malkin is already playing the "ouch" card.

After looking stunning in the first game of the season against Vancouver, and pretty much the same the periods he played against Calgary, to have him already be "sore" (the coach's words, not mine) is a real downer. For a player who has had surgery and rehabed almost 7 months, and trained, and was supposedly in the best shape ever, to have him be sore is a bit hard to believe.

Of course this is all to be taken with a grain of salt. Coaches tell the media and fans what they do as a ploy of letting out too much info for opposing teams to pick at and use. This soreness is supposedly not his injured knee, which yeah, that's great, but again... what is sore? Oh, they didn't say. Let's just chalk it up to that ever popular lower body injury if you're gonna go that far.

I guess if I have to go on about this, one good thing is we're told it is not going to be a long term thing. So I'll just leave it at, get better Geno, and bring Orpik back with you!

The Penguins are taking on the Florida Panthers tonight, later in the week we have the Caps and the Sabres. It's almost time my friends...


Saturday, October 8, 2011

I tell you what, these west coast games starting off the season really stink. At least it's a Saturday night and I don't have to work in the morning.

The 2011-12 season got off to a great start in Vancouver with the Pens winning in the shoot out 4-3. Both Kris Letang's sick forehand backhand move on Louongo and Malkins own shootout attempt gave the Pens the 2 points and made staying up for the end worth while.

Let's hope the game against the Flames tonight is just as worthy.

The lines used in yesterdays practice, and possible for tonight (Sidney Crosby filled in for Jordon Staal) Marc-Andre Fleury

Steve Sullivan -Evgeni Malkin - James Neal
Chris Kunitz - Jordon Staal - Tyler Kennedy
Matt Cooke - Mark Letestu - Pascal Dupuis
Steve MacIntyre - Dustin Jeffrey - Richard Park

Kris Letang-Deryk Engelland
Paul Martin-Zbynek Michalek
Matt Niskanen-Ben Lovejoy

Puck drop is a little over an hour away. I can't tell you how excited I am that hockey is back and going strong again.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's old is new again

Meaning the blog. Same old product, just a slightly different look. Very slight. Heh..

Anyhow, not much to be said aside from the fact that the Pens made it through preseason with only one loss. Not bad. The talent this team has at it's disposal is downright kick ass. Even though it remains to be seen when our talented captain will join us, it's safe to say the Penguins can get the job done in his absence.

So, this is the moment we've been waiting these long months for, can you stand it??? Tomorrow... HOCKEY IS BACK ON!!!